I'll warn you now... this method is NOT guaranteed as people are different, but if you find a fundie of intelligent, sensible mind and kind heart, this might work.

Work with one fundie at a time, or several that don't know eachother so they can't figure out what you're doing. I know this is slightly dishonest... but if dishonestly brings out results that are beneficial to the individual in the end... then it is worth it. Most important of all, YOU CAN'T EVER REVEAL TO THEM THAT YOU'RE AN ATHEIST! [At least until or if they become one themselves]


I am "working a fundamentalist named Tim."
Surprisingly, fundamentalists may be easier to start the deconversion process in than non-literalists. B/C they believe in the bible literally, and yet believe in a loving god... they most likely don't notice or don't bother to read about passages such as the one above.
However, YOU CANNOT GET THROUGH TO FUNDIES AS AN OPEN ATHEIST!!! If you wish to help a fundamentalist come to rationality, there are a couple of factors that you must consider before even starting.
1. You must get to know the fundamentalist VERY well - I'm talking years.... I've known Tim for about 5 years now.
2. You must make sure that the fundamentalist is intelligent enough that he/ she CAN question their faith. - Unfortunately the non-intelligent ones are like sheep... they won't usually stop to think about it for very long.
3. You CAN'T reveal that your an atheist to the fundie. - how can you do this? - my suggestion, A. Be kind and supportive and friendly to them. If they ask you to go to church or give you a religious gift accept it greatfully while smiling, even if your stomach is turning over. B. Make sure that you reveal yourself as either an "agnostic" [most fundies dont know that agnostics are atheists], "I don't know what I believe," or "non-denomination christian." - okay... so some of these are lies... but they're white lies... if you told the truth, that you're an atheist I GUARANTEE that they will shut you out! Also try to convince them that you're not "saved yet." - B/c fundies pay EXTRA attention to those they need to "save." And - keep in mind - most of them think Atheists "can't be saved." - I think they're right.
C. Don't be too obvious about trying to get the fundie to question their beliefs and NEVER use science or logic as a method to try to get them to do so - remember that science and logic mean little to them... their lives are wrapped around the Bible, so use only bible verses. And DON'T argue with them. - With Tim, I just asked a question, while putting a look of concern on my face... "I'm a little disturbed by one of the passages in the letters of Paul, Tim. It says that 'women can't speak in church.'" - That was one that he had to question. Think of yourself as at a church bible discussion group. Don't give them ones about "god punishing ppl.." b/c a lot of them believe in an angry god... give them ones that don't make sense in the modern world... like "don't eat pork..." or the one about a child that backsasses his father must be killed. - Something that appeals to their heart and won't line up with what they think they know about God... i.e. that "God is loving but vengeful and just." - Try to find one where the bible doesn't say that the ppl did anything wrong.
- Also try asking it in "concerned doubtful" format rather than "you should be questioning this" format. - I've found that works for me.

Non-fundies are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to work with. Since they don't interpret the bible literally you can't use rediculous passages to make them question their faith. I don't yet know how to work with them.

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I first heard this (or very similar), advice in 1968.
Really? I swear I'm not copying it. I came up with it independently. I often come up with the same ideas that have already been expressed independently and then learn later that I wasn't original about them.
The same happens to me all the time Skycomet, what I thought were brilliant insights into atheist thinking were old hat by the time I came up with them. Ya know, great minds think alike.
I agree. We all have logical and reasonable thoughts so of course the same ideas will come up. After all I believe that all that a religious person believes could be proved most likely as coincidence anyway.
I supose we do not have our own bible to refer to so we have to be logical and reasonable.
I was a non-fundy and was cured when my two best friends looked at me like I was an idiot when I mentioned anything about "problems" with the bible. The manifest fictional quality of the entire text was enough for my rejection of belief in belief.

I rotfl when I first heard Sam Harris give his "I believe that a diamond the size of a refrigerator is buried in my back yard" schtick. Metaphor works wonders on the logical mind.
"Non-fundies are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to work with. Since they don't interpret the bible literally you can't use ridiculous passages to make them question their faith. I don't yet know how to work with them."

That's perhaps the biggest problem with the bible. Should anyone have the desire and energy to argue it can be interpreted to mean absolutely anything. You could probably interpret it to support atheism and aliens with enough effort...
I'm curious the verse that mentions "a child that backsasses his father must be killed." Is that actually in a Christian bible/ if so what verse?
Yes its in the Bible -the Old Testament
“Whoever curses his father or his mother shall be put to death." - Exodus 21: 17


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