Hey everyone, so in the spirit of equality and supporting homosexual marriage I recently shared this picture on facebook:

Sorry I don't know how to re-size this.

Anyway, my brother had this to say:

"This really is a strawman falacy becuase (most of) those who are against homosexual marriage are also against infidelity, pornography, "no-fault" divorce (or irreconcilable differences), and excessive spending. So really, (most of) the people who are against homosexual marriage would also be against the actions listed above.

Also, (most of, or maybe just many of) the people against homosexual marriage realize that it is not homosexual marriage that destroys the institution of marriage, but it is immoral (sinful) lives that destroy marriage. To many of these people, marriage is not a government or civil institution, it is a physical representation of a spiritual truth. Marriage is the symbol of God's love and desired relationship with humans. Since God ordained marriage, many people expect marriage to be congruent to what God deems correct.

There are other politcal, sociological, scientific, and philosophical reasons to disfavor homosexual marriage, but ultimately they take a back seat to the spiritual reason.
" (Oh and then his wife "liked" the comment he left)

As you can guess I really want respond to this but I have no idea what to say without sounding like an asshole (don't know why I bother considering) and I don't want to just delete the comment or ignore it because I feel like that would be somehow admitting defeat or something. So what do you think?

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Aww thanks Belle, I really appreciate that.  It really can be hard but honestly I am almost at the point of telling him to fuck off and leave me alone and to keep his simple minded and bigoted thoughts to himself and/or off my page.

Honestly Amanda?  Anyone can throw a tantrum or have a hissy fit.  It takes a lot more maturity to put together thoughtful and concise arguments the way you are doing. Insults are two a penny.  Debating with factual rather than emotional perspective is clearly a skill you possess and it is a pleasure to have you share that here :)

That is nice to hear because I never really thought it was a skill I had, I feel like I get too emotional and cannot think clearly.  Also I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle because he will never see the light...so to speak.  It is worse than talking to a brick wall because at I feel like a wall would be more responsive.

It is worse than talking to a brick wall because at I feel like a wall would be more responsive.

Actually the brick wall is less responsive but your evaluation is correct; the brick wall is better because at least it's not rewarding your efforts to communicate with a gigantic crock of fresh steaming bullshit.  Some types of responsiveness are worse than nothing.

That is very true lol

Just to keep everyone updated on the status, I posted the following:

Are you at all familiar with the historical reasons for marriage?  Because honestly I don't think you are.  Historically, marriage was to expand kingdoms and to gain money.  It was a civil matter where the church was rarely involved (a few times they were but they also supported same-sex marriage: http://rationalreasons.blogspot.com/2005/05/brief-history-of-marria...).  And it is still a civil matter which is why it is called the The Civil Marriage Act. When same-sex marriage becomes legal, no religious organization will be forced to participate if they choose not to. 

Can you define " Only the spiritual reason can make marriage necessary" because honestly I have no idea what you mean by that.  How did I use philosophy when I said that my marriage is based on love not anything spiritual? 

I understand that for you marriage is a spiritual thing but that is just not the case for everyone.  As I stated earlier, my marriage is not in any way shape or form spiritual at it's core. You cannot force your own personal beliefs on people like that. Do not reply by saying that I am forcing my beliefs on you because I am not forcing you to marry a man, nor am I or anyone else going to take away the rights and privileges you already have by being married. They just want the same rights that you and I and every other heterosexual person have access to.  How would our society be damaged by allowing same-sex marriage?

You have still not answered my question as to what "other politcal, sociological, scientific, and philosophical reasons to disfavor homosexual marriage."  So, what are they?

Just so you guys know, he did end up responding and I can post that if you want a laugh but I think I may step out of the main discussion. Some of my gaming buddies (who also to happen to be atheist/agnostic) have taken up the call and posted at him.  My husband is also creating a line by line dissection and evaluation of every one of my brothers posts. 

Anyway I can keep posting the replies and such here if you want or you could friend me on facebook and watch it yourself.  XD I think I'm the Amanda Mrakovich there is. 

Yes please. I would like to watch the posts. I will send you a friend request. My name is Lori. Thanks. I love Facebook fights lol.

I hate to admit it but I also long Facebook fights...XD

Hey Amanda, can you post a link to your facebook page?  I seem to be finding Markovich's everywhere but no Mrakovich.  You're welcome to send it to me in PM if you prefer :)

No problem here ya go:


Sorry I think I might have set it to not being searchable way back when.

Think I fixed it.


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