Annoyed by religious displays on public property? Do you see one in your town?

Contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They'll file a complaint quickly on your behalf while you remain safely anonymous. 

I mention this because I encountered these two religious displays last week at the entrance to the public library. I just reported the violation. It took 15 minutes. I encourage everyone to review the FAQ on the FFRF site and do the same.  

Please indicate here if you have done this yourself, and post updates if you get any response or results.


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Today I received the following email from the legal staff at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I responded with the contact information for the library board of trustees. I'll post a copy of the letter here once I get it.

Hi Gallup,

Thanks so much for your email about these religious symbols at the library.  We're happy to send a letter of complaint to the library.  We just need to have the name and location of the library.  Once you send that, we can send out a letter.  I'll forward a copy to you.  

Rebecca S. Markert
Staff Attorney
Freedom From Religion Foundation
PO Box 750 Madison WI 53701
tel: (608) 256-8900
fax: (608) 204-0422 

Our staff attorneys represent the Freedom From Religion Foundation and are not the legal representatives of individuals.  Neither the above communication, nor any letter(s) or e-mail(s) we send or any other action we take to resolve your complaint, creates an attorney-client relationship.  FFRF bylaws protect its members' and prospective members' identities and FFRF will handle all complaints in confidence. FFRF will not divulge your identity without your express permission (or a court order requiring us to do so). However, FFRF cannot guarantee the confidentiality of all communications in all circumstances.  At any time, you are free to obtain independent legal counsel to represent you in this matter.

The FFR sent a lengthy letter to the city library today on my behalf. I'll post an update if there is a response or any other results. It's probably too much to hope that the displays will come down. If they don't I'll probably ask to put up a display of my own.


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