So here is some insider info. Be prepared for them. This is worth a read. Let's see how long you can keep a straight face.

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Oh indeed - i'm in the middle of the doc now. I just find it interesting that Google-Ads seems to constantly link any page about atheism to ads for bible-study and christian apologists.

I suppose I should be grateful that the ads for weight-loss have stopped showing up. I was starting to get a complex.
I suppose religions would be able to afford a few adds here and there. Ha - more money than google If your ever in a hotel room that has an A4 article on using reason and logic in the gideon bible - I stayed there :)
Google sucks! :P
ha ha! yeah... I absolutely love this part:
In the discussions, you need to find out why this particular atheist may feel that way. Has your friend always felt that there is no [caring] creator? Or, has something happened in their life or have the experience the hypocrisy of some religious leaders or in historical events such as disgust with the Crusades and Inquisitions? Whatever is the reason, you need to get the core of it, reach their core beliefs, heart of any problem
"Has something happened in their life..." lol... apparently the only way you could become an atheist if you already believed in God is if you are a depressed, angry, cynical mental case. lmao!
How could something called primordial soup and static electricity, or some spontaneous action in a tidal pool cause or lead to
genetics and chromosomal programming,
uniqueness and instincts,
an immune system,
autonomic life support systems,
healing of injuries,
energy creation and utilization,
and human "intelligence."

That converted me as soon as I read it. Im a born again christian..the stanza above totally shot down all doubts within my mind.
They basically stated that we know the bible better than they do, we are more intellectually learned than they are in more subjects, and they can't win us over with the flimsy veil of faith. I would feel a little demoralized as a Christian after reading this. And then I'd become an atheist!
Reason and logic will eventually win over faith and superstition.
Pray to God in private. Christians believe that it is up to God, ultimately, to convince people to follow him (John 6:44, 16:13). The Bible also says that a Christian is supposed to "pray in the closet" (Matthew 6:5-6). This means that you're not supposed to pray in public to impress someone. If God is going to answer your prayer and convince the atheist, then he would do so whether the atheist hears it or not. Most atheists have been prayed at by many people. They tend to find it extremely annoying and presumptuous.
Yeah... go pray to the ceiling of your closet.... and I'll privately laugh at you.
RAmen! May you heathens be touched by his noodly appendage! ^_^
They forgot the secret nail in the coffin (at least for me, anyway.)
Offer bacon.

I mean it.
I'd totally become Xtian for a day for the price of a BLT.
I actually looked this up a few weeks ago out of curiosity to see if any such articles existed. Funny stuff.
This has some excellent advice under the "preparation" section that demonstrates the fair-mindedness of the author:

"Know your own reasons for doing this. Are you trying to convert them because their atheism makes you uncomfortable with your own faith, or makes you angry? Well, first consider how important your religion is to you."

"you may find the person you are trying to convert is better versed in the Bible than you. Remember that atheists live in a world that is mostly religious. They've had to defend their beliefs much more than a Christian who lives in a mostly Christian society would. So, they're generally good at it."

And best of all,

"Imagine exactly how they feel about their beliefs. They hold them as settled and true to them, so pressuring towards conversion is an act of disrespect, not a gift."

It is important to remember that when someone genuinely believes you are in a danger far more terrible than death, they are (rightly!) morally compelled to offer help, as an atheist would as well. Understanding this perspective, we cannot ever reasonably expect proselytization to end. But we should be supportive of material that encourages a fair, respectful discussion and expression of earnestness and genuine interest in the person's well-being, even if we don't agree with the source of their concerns.


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