So here is some insider info. Be prepared for them. This is worth a read. Let's see how long you can keep a straight face.

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Don't stop! Get to this part! It's the classic "you're an atheist because you're a depressed mental case" argument.
1In the discussions, you need to find out why this particular atheist may feel that way
I rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy ! lol.
I thought it was "I'd rather have a BOTTOM in front of me than a frontal lobotomy." lmao
I scanned over this and now that I am finished, I think I'm a Christian again............HA! PISH Whatever! I won't ever go back to the delusional closet ever again! LOL wow, just wow.
Yes, some of what he says is in fact correct. But he mixes correct views with false ones. Especially when he talks about atheists using data from "atheist scientists." Haha... yeah, that's a good one.
As I was reading I was thinking that it was actually a pretty good way to talk to anyone (regardless of religious affiliation) without being an asshat...

Then I got to discussion points 4 onwards which were basically arguments from complexity - the obvious inference is that anything science cannot currently answer about abiogenesis must be the handiwork of God.

So, apparantly, the best way to convince an atheist to become a christian is by invoking the God of the Gaps.
I laughed at this part
You'll have to provide concrete facts and scientifically thought out arguments, although do not focus on those too much;
Yes christians understanding science combined with well though out argument may turn you into an atheist, be careful
It reads like a leaked document from the Vatican.ridiculous!
Over the last few months I have “debated” science with some Jehovah Witness followers who seem (like some other cults) recently to be trying to use science to help prove their beliefs. It is really just an attempt to appear educated and modern. The “Discussion” section of the link I posted is exactly their strategy.

I recently found a document that debunks their latest publications. It is well work reading even if you have no contact with such people. For some reason the author is not named but it is very well referenced.

It summarises and explains various scientific subjects in a succinct manner. I think it is worth downloading and reading– only 1.6 MB’s. The beauty of the “Poetic Justice” re the Craig Venter experiment with the artificially generated genome is priceless. Some other good pdf’s on the page also.
Thanks for that link. Interestingly enough, here is what Google served up as ads for that page:

Sorry to clarify - I know the page may look suspect but the article is good.

Weighed and Found Wanting
A critical analysis of the Watchtower's 32-page brochures released at their assemblies in 2010: The Origin of Life - Five Questions Worth Asking and Was Life Created?


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