So I was looking for stats on how many atheists were once theists of some type or another (still haven;t found it-- so could use some help) and I found this page. 

I thought it was interesting in the fact they try to keep Christians aware of logical fallacies.. 

I know how we feel about religion already, what I'm wondering are your views on this primer for converting atheists...

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In regards to 'tricking' Atheists into going to church, I once was a member of a church where the senior pastor privately told me that it's easy to keep someone coming back to a church.  All one needed to do was to give them a job, or give them a friend.  In hindsight, I realized I was given a lot of jobs in that church!

Exploiting a weakness works for both Christian churges and Scientology.

Sure you can keep them coming back... but that doesn't mean they believe. 

I take it that you had no friends?

I have found that independent thought does not always yield deep friendships. This might be a blind spot .....

An example of how one's deep religious belief of social superiority to that of, "unbelievers" distorts the ability to recognize the whole truth. C'mon now, really think about that one. No true and deep friendship if you're not a believer? Lol. Not a believer in your religion, you mean. Lol.

Not sure but of late atheist numbers are growing and the religions are falling. Moreover recent stats show that atheists are more knowledgeable on the scriptures, not being brainwashed every Sunday by the preacher trying to omit or spin scripture to suit their Church's agenda. Be aware Christians do the same in pointing out their own logic and their own ideas about perceived fallacies regarding atheist thinking.

My dad knew the Bible inside-out, upside-down and backwards and in the early 70's when it was common for the local preacher to stop by your house on Sat to sell their Church, etc. My dad would sit 'em at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and dismantle 'em, every one. Ruthless, the preacher never faced an atheist who knew the Bible better than they.

Or merely consider the outcome from all the clashing beliefs/religions. None of them can really sit together and agree, though they put on a façade of agreement in front of public view as all Christian, etc. But most all atheists can certainly agree and sit together worldwide.

Science, the whole truth is functional for all people. This is why an atheist is an atheist, because it works everywhere and for all. But the religious believer is stuck in a very limited box of thinking, unable to look beyond the trap of their Satanic fear based beliefs.

SCR - RE: "Not sure but of late atheist numbers are growing and the religions are falling." - that's exactly why they're trying so hard to get religion back in the schools.

I know this is an Atheist board and I am an Atheist so I feel compelled to join in and talk about how silly the article was...but actually I kinda liked it.

Compared to the multitude of things it could have said (I haven't seen a lot of self editing in the Theist world where they stop and think, this makes absolutely no sense...I better rethink this) it seems to be pretty tolerant and respectful for the most part.

From their point of view they are "saving" anyone they can convert.  In a very similar way that I think I am "saving" someone a lot of time if I can expand their world by showing them what it is like to be a freethinker.

I actually think this might be a secret recipe for converting Theists into Atheists.  If the steps are actually followed (steps 4 and 5 be knowledgeable about Christianity and familiarize yourself with Atheist arguments) this leads to the exact same evidence I use to support my position.  The Bible (also religion in general) endorses all kinds of abhorrent things like Slavery and the Atheist arguments make much more sense such as the problem of evil.

As Penn Jillette once said,"the Bible itself, will turn you atheist faster than anything."

Atheism is a great deal more than just a rejection of gods and devils. It is an understanding of the physical world which measurably negates any reference to that which is non-physical. It is the profound support for evidence and a rejection of the impossibility of physicality being influenced by non-physicality. Faith in anything at all is a real possibility for those conditioned to be credulous. Therefore it is safe to say with a high degree of certainty that once an atheist always an atheist unless of course one is conditioned otherwise....which is what usually happens to humans in a usual cultural environment from the time they are very young. Every human it is very safe to say is born an atheist. People need ignorance in their world and very ignorant parents, peers and other influences to create their "faith".

Can't quite agree with you, Joe. Certainly I'd say that an understanding of the physical world which measurably negates any reference to that which is non-physical would lead to atheism, but being an atheist does not necessarily mean that one has that understanding. There are atheists who believe in things like ghosts, spirit energy, and other supernatural woo, they just don't believe in deities.

I'm not entirely opposed to very attractive persuadreses.

Who am I kidding, I'd be willing to entertain reasonably attractive persuadreses --

Misty, where are you when I need you?

Can't say - ask Misty Baytheist, our board's sexual adventuress --


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