So I was looking for stats on how many atheists were once theists of some type or another (still haven;t found it-- so could use some help) and I found this page. 

I thought it was interesting in the fact they try to keep Christians aware of logical fallacies.. 

I know how we feel about religion already, what I'm wondering are your views on this primer for converting atheists...

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I think it's funny that the article didn't mention the one, sure way of converting an atheist to christianity: provide documented, peer-reviewed proof of the existence of god! Seriously, believers, that's all it would take! :)

How to convert an atheist..  Take an atheist.  Shove atheist's head up his backside..  While blinded, make atheist make claims/guesses about the world...

This might not work well either. I have noticed one tendency for some of us to spend lots of time pursueing our tails and analysing everything to death. Happily my backside is mostly unavailable except via mirror...

ROFLMAO.  Touche.  

I wonder if you could persuade a person to forget how to ride a bike with the same methodology.

Appeal to the social angle.....  Now I'm gonna read teh article...

that was a brilliant article...  I wish more theists would follow said advice..

I think just reading the Bible is enough for most people to throw the bullshit flag - eventually.

I thought it was a good article. I see NOTHING in it that would make me remotely interested in converting back to Christianity, but it does give a good road map for Christians to have a thoughtful, respectful conversation with atheists.

Use logic and research to your advantage. Remember that some aspects of God and his existence cannot be explained logically, but the origin of life cannot yet be explained fully.

The author(s) does not believe the bible creation story. I was thinking they had to hire an atheist to write that article, but then I saw this:

Edited by Mileigh, Rob S, Rojo Don Poho, Morgan Barnhart and 157 others

Oh, It's  Wiki-authored.

It's a choice

@Shelamae Sarabia

What's a choice?


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