I know they say marijuana isn't addictive, but, after all, if even sex can be addictive, maybe marijuana can be, too. Read here about an athlete who seems to be throwing away a multimillion dollar football career because he can't seem to give up the chronic:

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Shades of Rickey Williams

Josh Gordon is incredibly gifted. He finished the 2013 season as the NFL leader in receiving yards, with 1,646 yards. That was despite missing two games due to a drug suspension and catching balls from three mediocre quarterbacks; Jason Campbell, Brandon Weedon, and Brian Hoyer.

Imagine what Gordon could do with a good quarterback. The Browns just drafted Johnny Manziel.

Josh Gordon has a real shot at being one the best ever, if he could only get his act together. Now he's going to miss all or most of his 3rd season, which is important in the development of a young player.

The kid definitely has problems, if not with addiction, then with maturity and judgment. There might be ten people on the planet capable of playing NFL football like Josh Gordon. But the kid would rather burn spice than be a legend.


Marijuana may not give you strong physical withdrawal issues like alcoholics have to deal with. Pretty sure people get mentally dependent on weed just the same.

If sex can modify the brain to an extent it becomes an addiction, why not marijuana? Obviously, to any degree it may be addictive, it doesn't draw the vast majority of users into an addiction.

There's more than one type of addiction... Some things are "addictive" because they cause a pleasure response in the user... other things are addictive because they change the brain chemistry of the user.

Notice my careful use of quotes? Cannabis falls into the first category. SSRIs fall into the second.

You can addict to a behavior, a person, a place, a video game, etc. However, the cannabis high is a chemically-induced altered state, and while the response may be pleasurable, I'm not sure how it's different from changing the brain chemistry as matt.clerke pointed out.

But here's the thing, Unseen says this guy can't give up the chronic. Chronic is high-grade cannabis. Gallup says the kid would rather burn Spice. Spice is synthetic cannabis, and the effects are quite different than that of cannabis, and the high could be on par with the effects of hydroponically grown cannabis, even more potent in some brands of synthetic cannabis because you have this onslaught of synthetic chemicals that will make their way passed the blood-brain barrier such as JWH-018, JWH-200, JWH-250, SDB-001, etc. The JWH-family of these compounds are named after the chemist, John W. Huffman, who synthesized them from cannabis. The number doesn't necessarily mark the potency of the chemical, but instead is just a numeric label. There's also the HU-family which is a series of synthethic compounds that were invented by a member of the Hebrew University, "HU-210" being one example. And there's a number of other synthetic compounds that are either out there or being invented and just poured into these synthetic blends. If you ever come across one of these bags containing this synthetic cannabis, it'll usually read in the back, if it says anything, "This bag does not contain: JWH-018, JWH-200, JWH-073, HU-200, etc." Of course, that's everything you're smoking. The image to the right is a picture of the back of the bag. Take a look at the back of the bag at the very bottom: 

Klimax Bag (synthetic cannabis)

When buying this stuff, people usually go for the bag that has the most compounds. When this synthetic stuff was first being distributed it, it would simply contain JWH-018, which is the first of these compounds to be synthesized from THC. The less compounds in the bag, the shorter the high, the less potent, etc. Some people feel it's a waste of money to get a bag that delivers these very short-lived highs that aren't very potent at all.

Synthetic cannabis offers a quick and powerful hydroponic-like high, and it's different than that of cannabis or 'dro. It's short-lived, too, so you got to keep smoking more to maintain the high. I've done this before, and it didn't end well. I had heard about people having seizures on this stuff, but I didn't believe it. I thought people were just getting too paranoid or something until I finally had a seizure myself on this stuff. I haven't used it since. It's quite a sinister form of cannabis and I know a lot of people are addicted to it, and it's convenient for them because it doesn't show up in standard drug tests, so they can still be a lawyer, a soldier, a professional athlete, etc. Although, I'd stay the fuck away from that stuff, and here's another reason why:


Unseen says this guy can't give up the chronic. Chronic is high-grade cannabis. Gallup says the kid would rather burn Spice. Spice is synthetic cannabis,

You're right. I confused Gordon's situation with another NFL player's. Marcell Dareus, a pro bowl defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills, was arrested for felony possession of synthetic marijuana last week. Josh Gordon failed a drug test. Thanks for the correction.

NFL players smoke synthetic marijuana to get around drug tests, according to New York Jets tight end Kellon Winslow, who was charged with possession of the drug after police allegedly caught him masturbating in his car earlier this year.

The NFL may optionally count drug-related arrests as violations of the league's drug policy, even if the drug in question isn't officially on the NFL's list of banned substances.

Unseen says this guy can't give up the chronic. Chronic is high-grade cannabis.

Seems like he must be smoking some pretty strong stuff, whether "the chronic" is the exactly right designation for it or not. LOL

And then there are the synthetic cocaine bath-salts. Perfect when you just have to get naked and eat someone's face.

I've read some horrible accounts where people thought they were buying a synthetic cannabis, took a few big hits of it and end up going on a very scary trip... Losing the ability to breath. Losing all sense of self. Really scary stuff even if you're expecting it. Impossibly scary if you're not.

Growing your own is a good way to ensure you're not ingesting pesticides or other unwanted chemicals. Of course there is the legal issues with doing that.


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