How to easily manipulate people into voting for something utterly against their best interests

I almost cried when I saw the final tally. It is a traumatic day for many Brits and most Europeans who are utterly stunned and shocked. This article briefly covers the problems. Imagine your reaction if Texas voted to leave the US.

To have an understanding of what it means to have a country pull out of a union (and lose your freedom of movement) you have to think back home. Imagine if you live in Ohio and they vote to leave the US. Americans would be horrified by this...and those from Ohio living in California or New York would find their right to live outside of Ohio in other states jeopordised with the possibility of being deported to Ohio.

That's what millions of British people and people with British passports (myself) face. 

British people have been hounded at for 20 years...communicating endless blatant lies about the EU and the boogeyman vampire blood suckers in Brussels. It's not democratic (except for the directly voted parliament and commission made up of elected heads of states). It imposes laws on the UK (except for the fact that UK representatives in parliament and in the commission and council all agreed on the laws in play).

In reality...the only thing keeping the conservative government from making more social cuts, freeze minimum wage, give enormous tax cuts to companies and other law changes that will result in more income inequality and job loses and salary decreases....are the EU protections that the UK agreed to. Now they are gone. Now the conservative government can do what they want.

The tragedy is that the people who voted out...are the people who will suffer the most from new policy changes. They've been manipulated by horror stories of the tyrannical EU out to take the pound and queen from England, millions of Muslim refugees pouring into the UK and Turkish accession (lies), endless EU regulations that take away UK freedom (freedom for conservative governments to attack labour rights and cut programs) and the lie that the UK will lose everything that is British. They are being controlled by the EU (despite none of them being able to list more than three policies that aren't optional which actually hurt the interests of average british people. The lessons and the worries:

1: It is incredibly easy to manipulate voters in English speaking countries into voting things that objectively will hurt them (poor people voting for Bush and Trump, Australians voting against larger educated qualified immigrant quotas when doctors and countless other highly trained specialists are needed. Canadians voting against proportional representation for no rational reason. New Zealanders voting in an Austerity government. 

2: The EU is better off without the UK in the long run...having been held back for years with the UKs temper tantrums, special deals and unique rights only for the UK (and exceptional protection of their financial sectors). Add to that the UK's utter incapability of compromising on policy decisions (effectively stopping such EU wide policies) despite the ability of the other 26 countries to find consensus.

3: If you let loud mouth racist morons drone on for years and years with propaganda nonsense and don't hit back until it is too late...populism will win. How stupid could pro-EU british politicians be?

4: Half the population of the UK are bloody fools.

5: I and millions of UK citizens have been abandoned by fellow Brits and will wait to be stripped of our freedom of abode...with no knowledge of how or when it will happen.

6: The humanist project of the EU will still continue.

7: Average British citizens will get what they voted for. It will be sad (though darkly satisfying for jaded continental Europeans) to watch the UK deflate.

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The guy on the right sort of looks like trunp

I find this thread a bit disconcerting.  It seems to leave out the possibility that someone might enter the voting booth believing he is about to vote for what is best for his country--not what is best for him.  (Now, whether he is correct about whether his vote will do that, is another matter.)  Not everyone believes they should vote their pocketbook.

Even though many don't come out and say seems to be the grand consensus (especially against brexit-lite supporters both in government, advocacy an even voters) that the brexit vote was a massive mistake and that many, both politicians and voters, have clearly paid a high price. Many voted by their biggotry against a Romanian and Bulgarian boogeyman and a fictitious flood of migrants the germans forced on the UK. Ultimately a racist boogeyman. And the rest was economical. They blamed their problems on brussels instead of on the convervatives harsh austerity...and ignored or ironically...pretended the economic consequences weren't such a big deal. I agree that some put their country before their pocket book.

What is more disconcerting that a notable amount of people believe the whole thing was a big mistake and for some...supporting, advocating and voting for was a grotesque mistake. There are several reasons why I think this is the case:

  • Insiders to Boris Johnson's campaign claim that his heart was never reallyin the brexit. He himself is actually responsible for some of the build-up to anti-EU sentiment when he was a correspondent for a UK newspaper in Brussels...turning what is always boring tecnocracy into outrageous tabloidery. But even then...he never was really into it. The Sunday magazines and indepth reporting all take it for granted that this was yet one more of Borris's stunts to drive his ambitions and climb the political ladder...regardless of the consequences. It didn't seem like he really cared anyways. Especially the debate, an Oxfordian published on the literature of Shakespeare, Biographies and other intellectual feats, then turns into Donald Trump and says "Tomorrow is our independence day".
  • There was very little real celebration in the brexit-camp. Smiles...but also jitters and on the faces of some "what have we done".
  • Countless brits...from the first day after the vote...started asking themselves what the EU is and what leaving means.
  • The narrative about the brexit changed from circus buffoonery before the sober serious reflection the day after. That is not what happens when a group have voted for what apparantly the masses have been dying for for years.
  • The conservatives overwealmingly chose a "stay" campaigner as the new leader.
  • Cameron immediately left...disgusted by the brexit-idiots and brexit-fakers letting them take care of the horrid bad work watching the UK lose consession after consession. Also disgusted with himself that he banked his leadership on a risky referendum and everyone now says was never necessary.
  • The people less likely to learn about the intricacies of the brexit are also those most likely to follow a sensationalist that blames foreigners on their unemployment (instead of the Conservatives harsh austerity) and blames Brussels on the internal shifts in culture and accepted norma of behaviour in Britain (instead of natural internal shifts that happen all the time). When it over and there isn't a celebration but fear...the people now cast in the sinking boat looking forward to the loss of EU least some of them...are now checking out the wikipedia articles on the EU instead of what the Sun and Mail says.
  • The vote was highly polarising in a way that may seem normal in US politics but has never (as far as I remember or know) been so black vs. white, bitter, vicious and painful...and it is still so weeks after the vote. The divide isn't going away.
  • Many (even a few earlier supporters for brexit) are calling for another vote.
  • Alastair Campbel, Erik Jones, previous Prime Ministers, Labour MPs, stay-conservative MPs are still saying it was a bad idea with a high price to pay yet to come.
  • I personally (if it means anything) think it is the Stupidest politically thing to happen amongst democratic countries in European politics since WWII. And that is saying something when you consider how many stupid things have happened.

What's done is done. 

The US, Canada, and the UK should form a North Atlantic Economic Union.

The vote cannot be changed. The UK will be outside of the EU for the foreseeable future. That doesn't mean that the vote will leave the island floating away on it's own. It's no fluke that May (a remainer) was elected as leader by MPs. Her and her cabinet will now negotiate what their relationship is with the EU and I won't be the slightest surprised if the future will have a UK that's changed little except for a few clauses here and there that give them control over a few sectors, temporary quotas for immigration, a few symbolic victories and many little losses. I'm 95% confident I won't lose my right of abode in Spain or Belgium. Scotland will leave. Wales and N. Ireland...I wouldn't bet on it. 

So...what's done is done only applies to the stupidity of Cameron calling the referendum and the stupidity of the various players as the campaign unfolded. Cross your fingers that the UK doesn't pull off a double stupid.

I think it might be like what would happen in the US if Creationists "won" and science was tossed out, and the country run according to the bible and without science.

Their GPS would not work, but it would not matter, because cars would not work, and no one could find oil, because the science used to find oil requires one to look for the layers that are now considered to not exist.

We would essentially be reduced to living in the dark ages, because the lights would go out because the science used to run the power plants was shown to be fake.

And so forth.


They would just reject the parts of science with which they disagree.

They throw the baby out with the bathwater though...they essentially say science is worthless, and all you need is the bible.

If they admit that science works, it destroys the argument that it doesn't.


I totally agree. The only thing I can add to this is Trump.

I feel for you, we all have to face this I'm afraid.

The race is Hillary's to lose, and, she's managing to hold on so far.

If Trump wins, I guess we deserve it as a nation.

Britain has Brexit and we get Trumpit

Crap, we got Trumpit.


I truly overestimated the character of the US.  I knew a close call was probable, but Trump squeaking out a win was something I truly thought was not going to happen.

I did know the percentages that went independent could swing it though, and, whichever party got more defectors to an independent, would likely lose.

The dems lost more to independents, and, lost by, overall, a teeny percentage.


I wonder HOW effed we are now.


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