Hello everyone,

A friend of mine is a pretty die-hard Christian (shock horror, both of his parents are missionaries/vicars) and he often posts little sayings of some kind or another on Facebook, which I usually ignore. However, today he posted something that really irritated me for some reason:

"The more I look at science, the more in awe of God I become."


And just to make that worse, one of his Christian friends commented "Boom" as if he had made some kind of infallible argument. Somehow, I feel as though nothing I say will make any difference because they must be incredibly deluded already to believe that God just "invented" science. Basically, this is the guy who thinks he's a "modern and intelligent" Christian by saying that things like Noah's Ark are "just stories and aren't meant to be taken seriously by Christians". But if that is true, then why take ANY of the Bible seriously and where does he draw the line between stories and (what he believes is) the truth?


In the past I asked him and his friend where the evidence was. He claimed science (yes, seriously) helped prove Christianity and that Christianity was about "opening yourself" to it and believing, and then you "feel God" or whatever. How do you argue with someone like that??


What do you all say to religious people (not necessarily just Christians) who claim that science is just an invention of God? Is there a specific way to argue with someone who twists everything to awkwardly suit modern day thinking?

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I do appreciate science and I am a theist. I'm not the only one. History is full of people like me.

How do you account for that?

Science has made so many advancements, Joshua.  History was full of questions that seemed to the less knowledgeable humans of those times to be miraculous, and thus they were stuck in the rut of believing in the supernatural.  We are so fortunate to live in these times of delightful discovery!  It is truly a privilege to understand that we come from stardust, and we can explore vast areas of the universe using our modern technology.

The universe is simply amazing - and science just keeps self-correcting, and self-adjusting to enable us to keep pace with every new discovery. 

I feel sad for religion, because it cannot self-adjust, it cannot develop new understandings, and is forever tied to ancient texts and dubious scrolls that were written to try to make sense of the world that surrounded a very primitive people.  These people had not developed mentally to the degree that we have now attained.  They did not have the information with which to do so.  So they called everything they didn't understand, supernatural.

I feel sad for the joys religious people miss out on, and sad that they have to create artificial excuses in order to function in life. 

Joshua if your religion gives you comfort, then I'm glad you found something to make you happy, even if it isn't real to me.  But you can never squish my mind back into a little box of make-believe, whilst we have the incredible beauty and wildness and delight in being able to understand we are truly free people in a world of incredible scientific revelation and discovery.

“For most of the history of our species we were helpless to understand how nature works.
We took every storm, drought, illness and comet personally.
We created myths and spirits in an attempt to explain the patterns of nature.”
-- Ann Druyan --

"To the scientist the word 'supernatual' is a contradiction.
Everything that is in the universe is natural;
the supernatural is the natural not yet understood.
And that which is called the supernatural is often the figment of a
disordered, undisciplined or undeveloped imagination."
-- Elbert Hubbard --

im not trying to force you to change your mind. I apologize if thats how it was percieved.

Not at all, Joshua, in fact I think you are one of the most polite theists to post on this site.  I like the questions you ask, and I like the responses you elicit.

When I said "You can never squish my mind..." I most likely should have said, "I can never squish my mind...".  I probably got carried away with the awesomeness of my feeling of freedom in the universe.

i like. but I'll stick with bigfoot on a dragon.

I already told you, it's called cherry picking. They pick some science they like, like modern technology that'll make their lives easier. But at the same time they then deny other, just as valid, science. Maybe not you but lots of your peers do it.

Oh yeah I do have the latest fancy gadgets! I use modern medicine when I get sick. Wait what? Evolution?! HAH no! You people and your overrated science! Gaaaawd is where it's at man! We know science isn't always trustworthy!

There's a reason these pricks watch the weather forecast instead of dancing for rain. They'll never admit it though.

Shitholes like Pakistan hate the west and anything civilized. Suggest evolution and you might get executed. But you'll still see them use the gifts of science when  it suits them.

What a drama queen. Not all Christians have the same concepts of 'evolution'. Some believe in evolution as God's creative tool. Others believe in micro evolution but not macro. You and many of your peers are not well versed in Christian thinking on evolution and other science THEORIES and how it informs the debate. I suggest icr.org, answersingenesis.org, and many others. Inform yourself on the topic before railing against it. Science is a strong leg of the evidentiary tripod supporting Creationism...we just have a different idea of how the puzzle fits together.
Actually I said icr. A anyway there is a huge difference between micro and macro. Micro being changes within species, and macro being between species. Also we creationists see the natural world as created not evolved out of nothing. God being the first cause. i say 'theory', as not being a 'Law'

There is zero diference between "micro and macro" evolution.  These are words made up by creationists to promote a view that has no basis.   The mechanisms of evolution have no natural boundaries that could equate to species boundaries.

A cow doesn't become a horse, nor an ape a man. There is no fossil transitions except for what some strain to prove.
I suppose you are a proponent of abiogenesis also, forgive my assumption if wrong.
And something from nothing--the big bang? I believe God, sorry but humans can not be smarter than their creator...i am sure you are scoffing now.


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