Hello everyone,

A friend of mine is a pretty die-hard Christian (shock horror, both of his parents are missionaries/vicars) and he often posts little sayings of some kind or another on Facebook, which I usually ignore. However, today he posted something that really irritated me for some reason:

"The more I look at science, the more in awe of God I become."


And just to make that worse, one of his Christian friends commented "Boom" as if he had made some kind of infallible argument. Somehow, I feel as though nothing I say will make any difference because they must be incredibly deluded already to believe that God just "invented" science. Basically, this is the guy who thinks he's a "modern and intelligent" Christian by saying that things like Noah's Ark are "just stories and aren't meant to be taken seriously by Christians". But if that is true, then why take ANY of the Bible seriously and where does he draw the line between stories and (what he believes is) the truth?


In the past I asked him and his friend where the evidence was. He claimed science (yes, seriously) helped prove Christianity and that Christianity was about "opening yourself" to it and believing, and then you "feel God" or whatever. How do you argue with someone like that??


What do you all say to religious people (not necessarily just Christians) who claim that science is just an invention of God? Is there a specific way to argue with someone who twists everything to awkwardly suit modern day thinking?

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"A really inane example is identify faces in inanimate objects like clouds and rocks."

Hay I resemble this remark. We have a bathroom rug near the toilet, that has a nice heavy shag. I have 'found' some rather nice female faces in the shag a few times. I think that was a pun, sorry...

My wife has said something similar I think....LOL 

Atheist sees image of Big Bang in piece of toast.

"I was just about to spread the butter when I noticed a small hole in the middle of the bread surrounded by a burnt black ring," said Chapman. "Then I saw the direction and splatter patterns of the crumbs - they were flowing outward from the center of a black hole, changing shades as their distance from the center grew. A perfect match to the chaotic-dynamic non-linear patterns that followed the Big-Bang. It's the beginning of the world - right there in my breakfast!"

This was a satirical site mocking the Jesus toast reports, that Gallup's Mirror linked us to on another thread.  I think we should promulgate the perspective!

I saw the face of Cthulhu in the door to my hotel room's bathroom when I went to the reason rally.


I wish I had photographed it before the rally as someone was mock-counterprotesting there in the name of Cthulhu.

I think I have seen this also on a few doors, but also, counter tops. My mother has a weird floor in her small bathroom, where I have seen 'something' a little off color.

I keep finding faces in a fluffy rug of ours, some times they are rather cute. So far our puppies show no interests in eating us, or disemboling the cats!

Does Cthulhu do house calls?


We've actually evolved the ability to recognize faces wherever we look. There's a specific part of the brain that does this. Notice how the faces we see are always the right way up and never upside down, that's because we cannot recognize facial features when they are upside down.

It's very interesting, so that's just my pointless 2 cents into this conversation.

It's called, "The Thatcher Effect", named after a UK Prime Minister whose face was used by a photographer as the subject for illustration of the effect, and yes, it's weird as a weird thing can be..

'The ability to make sense out of non-sense', would this be called the, 'Theist Effect'?  

Yup! That's the one.

I noticed once that I can't read as well, when I am upside down, and the text, right side up. I expect that this could affect perceptions during other experiences....;p).

Science isn't an invention of god, it is a means of humans to understand the universe.

The difference between science and religion is that one is a way of learning about the universe through observation while the other is a way of dismissing what is observed. One thrives off being challenged while the other hides from being challenged. One asks that you question the world around you and one asks that you don't.... Science relys on intelligent thinking. I don't think anywhere in the entire bible does it ever praise one for being intelligent. One asks you not to think. The other asks you to think a lot.

How about some REAL fun? ADD to their delusion! Show them a miracle, tell them you found a banana with a picture of Jesus on it!!!


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