An army is a blunt weapon. Send it into a populated area where the enemy doesn't wear a uniform and innocents are going to die. This is happening right now in Gaza. Many people are quick to blame Israel for these deaths, calling them "unnecessary" or even "war crimes."

Lately, Israel has had to endure unguided missiles raining down on its territory. Since they are unguided, the people launching them, Hamas soldiers, aren't conducting surgical strikes. In fact, it appears they  would be happy if they hit schools, hospitals, markets, and other heavily-populated targets.

So, imagine you are Israel. Do you have another way of attempting to put a stop to the daily barrage of missiles?

This is not an invitation to criticize the creation of Israel after WW2. It's not an invitation to criticize policies you think led up to Hamas.

I'm only asking what's the alternative to sending in its troops to attempt to drive Hamas out of Gaza?

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We don't know for sure that the Dahiya doctrine is actual policy or just something one general said, even if it may seem by appearances that it is.

Had the dog owner confronted his neighbor with a shotgun, matters would have gotten much worse.

How? If he shot him dead, there'd be no more stupid and ill-conceived attempts to kill dogs that might also kill children. If the neighbor is sent to prison, presumably some day he'll be out again and may be even madder for the experience.

@Erock68la -

So in this bar fight would you grab a bottle of Jack by the neck and repeatedly bash the guy in the temple until his pupil dilates? Why not? It's a bar fight.
Would you break a beer bottle and stab his girlfriend in the neck with it? Why not? It's a bar fight.
Maybe there are SOME rules.
If not, maybe you guys have seen Road House too many times.

Doing less than whatever it takes to win a potentially fatal fight is irrational in my world. What world do you live in?

I think Erock should stay away from any Bars or get measured for a chalk outline.

I think both sides should simply throw bananas at each other.

I'd be for that, but sooner or later some Israeli would slip on a peel and cry "foul!" and start shootin again/

Or Hamas will wrap grenades in banana peels.

I don't think this plan has much chance of success.

Or maybe they'll just keep throwing bananas and have a hell of a time.

Reminded me of this:

A lot of the Palestinian sympathy here is just the typical lettist anti-American self-hatred. When they can't find a motivating anti-American angle, they're not interested.

People who would get up early to go to a pro-Palestinian demonstration would rather sleep in than attend an anti-ISIS demonstration. And since most of this sort of protest is fostered by leftists, I don't expect to see an  anti-ISIS demonstration, unless it is put on by Muslims, since by far most of the atrocities committed by ISIS are against Shiite Muslims.

This despite the fact that the horrors ISIS commits (beheadings and summary executions of not just soldiers, but civilians including women and children) are far worse, and despite the fact that ISIS has already killed far more people than Israeli air raids on Gaza:

In its report, the UN mission to Iraq says at least 5,576 civilians were killed and another 11,665 wounded from 1 January until the end of June. Another 1.2 million have been driven from their homes by the violence, it adds. (source) And note that those figures are almost a month and a half old by now.

There is a curious double standard in the world of the left-leaning, which seems often to boil down to something like, "If Chomsky isn't interested, neither are we."

How many Israeli's do you know? How many Palestinians? How many Muslims do you personally know?

  The UN body count of 5,576 civilian deaths at the hands of ISIS is for a 6 month period, As of yesterday the death toll in Gaza was at approximately 1900 , about 1500 of them civilians, in only 1 month.At that rate, in 6 months Israel will have killed around 9000 civilians.

  To be sure there are differences in the situations. ISIS has not received billions in US foreign aid, The Iraqi and Kurdish people are not being accused of using their civilians as human shields, and no one is speaking of the right of ISIS to defend itself as justification for their attacks.

  I agree that the rise of ISIS deserves discussion, but perhaps that is for another discussion thread

10 to 1, “Unseen”?  Surely you jest.  It’s more like 100 to 1.     In the last 15 years, 64 people in Israel have been killed by these rather ineffectual rockets fired from Gaza - hardly an “onslaught,” as you so cynically and hyperbolically put it.  Thousands of Palestinians, including unarmed women and children, have been killed, not just by indiscriminate bombing in Gaza, but by the random executions of rock-throwing Palestinians by Israeli soldiers occupying Palestinian lands.  The settlers alone, have killed more than all the Israelis killed this century.  Israel is a country influenced greatly by the eye-for-an-eye theosophy of the Old Testament.  Only today, it’s a thousand eyes for an eye.  

There IS a better solution: for Israelis to treat Palestinians like they were human beings, instead of trash who are trespassing on land they believe Yahweh gave to the Jews thousands of years ago. 

There is an analogy to be made right here in the U.S.  Native Americans were treated exactly the same as the Palestinians are being treated today.  For a hundred fifty years or so, the native peoples tried to fight back against Europeans who stole their land. But the superior firepower of the U.S.military, led by its pious Christian God, beat them back.  Today, they are forced to be submissive.  Americans, Israelis, and evidently YOU all believe that this is how it should be: that the people with the most military power should have the right to treat those without the power as miserably as the Palestinians are treated in the lands they inhabited long before the British installed the inconvenient Jews there.  As you so revealingly put it: the Israelis are “the better shots.”  That tells it all: might makes right in the right wing world. 

Extrapolating from your "better shots" rationale, I assume you would agree that the problem could best be solved with a few well-place Israeli nukes.  Boom!  Boom!  Boom! no more annoying Palestinians wishing to live unmolested on their ancestral lands.  No more problem.   


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