An army is a blunt weapon. Send it into a populated area where the enemy doesn't wear a uniform and innocents are going to die. This is happening right now in Gaza. Many people are quick to blame Israel for these deaths, calling them "unnecessary" or even "war crimes."

Lately, Israel has had to endure unguided missiles raining down on its territory. Since they are unguided, the people launching them, Hamas soldiers, aren't conducting surgical strikes. In fact, it appears they  would be happy if they hit schools, hospitals, markets, and other heavily-populated targets.

So, imagine you are Israel. Do you have another way of attempting to put a stop to the daily barrage of missiles?

This is not an invitation to criticize the creation of Israel after WW2. It's not an invitation to criticize policies you think led up to Hamas.

I'm only asking what's the alternative to sending in its troops to attempt to cleanse Hamas out of Gaza?

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With the exception of island or continent nations, perhaps, just about all nations are made up in one sense or another, are they not?

Even though something's made up - in the sense that it's not something that occurs through some sort of natural phenomena -  some things are still more made up than others.

The people whom called themselves Palestinians today have lived in the area since time immemorial, much like the peoples of most nations. However, they didn't really call themselves that until a bit over 100 years ago, much like most of the world didn't have, or indeed have any particular use for, national labels until fairly recently.

"Americans", on the other hand, is a completely artificial nation with absolutely no common heritage to the land they occupy, like every country in the American as well as some Oceaniac ones. However, that doesn't imply anything beyond that mere fact that they are modern inventions, and should not be construed as some sort of value statement. 

More made up. I think that falls into the territory that also embraces the "semi-virgin." Okay...

Even Native Americans aren't really "native" to the Americas. They migrated from Northeast Asia and appropriated the land just like the Europeans who came along later.

I'm a native of California, because I was born there, half of my grandparents were born in Germany, that doesn't make me half native Germany.  Their son, my Dad was born in Texas that makes him a native of Texas.

From my point of view everyone is a native of their birth location, even the Pres.

Actually thee are Palestinian Jews. They area small minority n the West bank. There are also Palestinian Christians, and Jewish and Palestinian atheists.

Whats happening in Gaza is sad. Whether you are religious or not. 

In the space of 6 months some crazy things have happened. Syria blamed for bombs, now Russia blamed for missiles now Israel bombing civilians. What next? Fall of the US Dollar?

Because Gaza is so important to the US/world economy? Or because bat crazy Christians are presuming the end of times? Again. Brilliant.

I think the younger you are, the further away you from the purpose of Israel, which was to provide a safe place for Jews after The Holocaust. Prior to WW2, the Jews were a people without a country. The US has been committed to ensuring the existence of Israel. Fundamentalist Christians may have their stupid reasons for wanting to support Israel, but there are secular and historical reasons for the US to support Israel.

Israel holds a higher moral position than Hamas. The Palestinian cause is really the death of Israel. Funded by the "peaceful" moderate Muslims.

Every time this flares up, the xtians around here all start talking apocalypse. They think the stage is set.

I agree Israel holds higher moral ground than Hamas, but not rock solid; the ground is higher but shaky. It is despicable to use human shields, but what is it to fire on human shields seemingly without compunction?

When one side in a war rejects the rules (and this is a war started by Hamas war crimes) it might be viewed as insane to let them use their abuse of the rules be a disadvantage.



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