An army is a blunt weapon. Send it into a populated area where the enemy doesn't wear a uniform and innocents are going to die. This is happening right now in Gaza. Many people are quick to blame Israel for these deaths, calling them "unnecessary" or even "war crimes."

Lately, Israel has had to endure unguided missiles raining down on its territory. Since they are unguided, the people launching them, Hamas soldiers, aren't conducting surgical strikes. In fact, it appears they  would be happy if they hit schools, hospitals, markets, and other heavily-populated targets.

So, imagine you are Israel. Do you have another way of attempting to put a stop to the daily barrage of missiles?

This is not an invitation to criticize the creation of Israel after WW2. It's not an invitation to criticize policies you think led up to Hamas.

I'm only asking what's the alternative to sending in its troops to attempt to drive Hamas out of Gaza?

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So Israel would be in the right if they sent 2000 unguided missiles towards the Gaza strip?

No, but if someone shoots you with a slingshot you don't respond with a bazooka.

So you are saying that Israel should send 2000 unguided missiles towards Gaza. 

"So Israel would be in the right if they sent 2000 unguided missiles towards the Gaza strip?"

What right does Israel, a hostile military invader, have to treat the Palestinians as second class citizens. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is even far worse than Apartheid South Africa. Israel is treating these people like absolute shit with countless human rights and international law violations ( Luckily For Israel America vetoes any attempt to hold them responsible)  and yet you are surprised when  some of Israels victims crack under the pressure and indiscriminately lash out in their rage. 

And I am not saying Hamas is in the right with their actions, but still their actions are pretty normal for a civilian population under a hostile military invasion where the civilian population is hopelessly outmatched in military strength.

The people of the Gaza strip aren't citizens of Israel. On the other hand, the Arabs in Israel have the same rights and responsibilities as all other citizens of Israel

It's not exactly abnormal to lash out with violence, though it's not productive. If the Palestinians cared a bit more about living Palestinians than dead Israelis, they would rather follow the path of the Iraqi Kurds.

"The people of the Gaza strip aren't citizens of Israel."

So if the white South Africans had denied the blacks in South Africa citizenship( being born there and having your ancestors come from  there for  centuries obviously does not count)  you would have been OK with apartheid?

The citizens of Gaza is, unsurprisingly, citizens of Gaza, and not citizens of Israel. Gaza is part of the territory of the Palestinian state, which, again, is not part of the sovereign state of Israel

"Gaza is part of the territory of the Palestinian state,"

Are you talking about the Palestinian state Israel refuses to recognize?

Anyway  the Gaza strip is not that much different to the townships under apartheid. Too many people displaced from their land stuffed into too small of a space in refugee camp like situations. And just like in South Africa people put in that situation frequently resorted to indiscriminate violence upon those oppressing them.

The only major difference is that everyone screamed blue murder when South Africa was heavy handed with police actions hunting terrorists  in the Townships while Israel is allowed to use a state of the art military against them.

While Israel doesn't acknowledge Palestine there are no uncertainties regarding the borders of Gaza (as opposed to the West Bank). Since you are desperately attempting to draw some kind of link with SA, the analogy works much better with Lesotho and Swaziland. Still an extremely far fetched analogy with no explanatory power of the situation.

That is kind of the point, isn't it. Hamas doesn't give a shit where those missiles land, though they hope they land somewhere to kill some Israelis. Anyway, their purpose is terroristic, not military.

And yet:

Israel:  29 dead, 2 of which were civilian.

Gaza:  576 dead, ~70% of which were civilian.

 If you are familiar with the history of the region, you would know that many of the Israeli political old guard leaders were, in their youth,active members of the Irgun, and Lehi Zionist terror groups. In the past the Likud party seemed to favor ethnic cleansing.

   Yhe politics of hate requires a boogeyman, an imaginary existential threat raally political support for hawkish leaders. Israel's new president is a hardliner and former Likud party member..


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