An army is a blunt weapon. Send it into a populated area where the enemy doesn't wear a uniform and innocents are going to die. This is happening right now in Gaza. Many people are quick to blame Israel for these deaths, calling them "unnecessary" or even "war crimes."

Lately, Israel has had to endure unguided missiles raining down on its territory. Since they are unguided, the people launching them, Hamas soldiers, aren't conducting surgical strikes. In fact, it appears they  would be happy if they hit schools, hospitals, markets, and other heavily-populated targets.

So, imagine you are Israel. Do you have another way of attempting to put a stop to the daily barrage of missiles?

This is not an invitation to criticize the creation of Israel after WW2. It's not an invitation to criticize policies you think led up to Hamas.

I'm only asking what's the alternative to sending in its troops to attempt to drive Hamas out of Gaza?

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Equipment malfunction.

Only about 4 million more Palestinians to go, right?

You;re forgetting the West bank and the diaspora

Israel already makes extensive use of both aeriel and ground based drones in Gaza In respionse, the Qassam brigades pepare under cover, then use coordinated team work to deploy target, launch their rockets and clear out, well within the window between drone patrols

Hopefully, next election time the Palestinians will realize that it's ultimately Hamas which is bringing the Israeli drones their way.

Ah yes, the whipping boy theory. 

  Exactly what kind of democracy is it where you punish a nation because they don't elect the leadership an occupying army wants?

I see the Hamas-as-occupying-army analogy.

We fought the Germans even though he was a brutal and insane dictator. Think of Hamas as the Nazi Party, willing to throw its citizens into a losing battle just for the fuck of it.

They could recognize that their mythology-based claim to that piece of "holy" ground is no more valid than the muslims or the xians who also claim it, cease fire, apologize for their atrocious actions committed in the name of that claim, and make a GENUINE attempt to reach a peaceful resolution with all parties.
Any bets?

So far, when a cease fire or other peace effort is made, it seems to be the Israelis who give it a chance.

Oh, Erock68la, please watch the video kOrsan gave us.

That's a very compelling video, but it is completely one-sided. To portray one side as innocent peace-lovers and the other side as murderous psychotics is Propaganda 101. The idea that Israel's hands are clean and they did/do nothing to contribute to the cycle of violence is ludicrous.
But let's boil all the political crap down to the simple truth: BOTH sides are murderous psychotics whose actions are based on the delusional belief that their imaginary friend says THEY ALONE own that land.

"To portray one side as innocent peace-lovers and the other side as murderous psychotics is Propaganda 101."

It's not propaganda when it's the truth...and in this case it is true.


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