How should I respond to this christian that doesn't believe in Hell?

Hey guys. One of my friends on facebook has a very different view than many other 'christian' theists I have talked to. Basically summed up, she said she doesn't believe in hell and also claims she really isn't a 'christian' (I still classify her as christian because she also claims she still believes in Jesus and God [Yahweh]). However, she also says she doesn't believe in many things the bible says, etc.

Here is a note she posted on facebook.  Any suggestions on what I should reply to her note? She has many Christian friends posting support for her on there I am willing to challenge all of them head on. Thanks :)


Nobody wants to go to HELL, everybody wants to go to Heaven

it was easy being a young missionary when i believed people went to hell.

it's easy convincing people that they wouldn't want to go to a place full of fire and demons.

about a year ago i started thinking about jesus's death on the cross and our redemption. 

jesus said it was finished right?

and by jesus dying and raising again he bridged that gap for us so that we would not die but have everlasting life.

now think about it. if jesus said that and then people claim that if your bad or dont believe in jesus, God sends you to hell for all eternity? i dont think doesnt make sense. i think if that were the case God just wasted time.

now it's much harder being a missionary because you have to convince people solely on God's love.....

oh that's what we were supposed to be doing all along??? yeah exactly,  but because of the lies and misconceptions that have been told for centuries we take the easy way out.

this world is not divided by the people who are going to heaven or hell it's divided by the people who love him and who WILL love him. 

i am not writing this to convince anyone of an opinion i am writing this so i can get this off my chest and write it down so i can read it and better understand my own thoughts.

i love jesus i love God and the holy spirit and i do not believe in taking the easy way out and i do not believe that people go to hell. :)


i would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on this matter.  please comment :)


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Good points thanks for the input.


Sorry I was not specific. I guess I was looking for a response that would make her think twice about her whole faith as a whole. Since she already is able to dismiss the notion of hell I want to challenge her belief in heaven, God, and that whole religious concept. 


I like starting religious/philosophical arguments with people with strong beliefs to plant the seed of doubt, so I was just looking for that type of response.


And I will definitely use your advice to point those problems you stated out to her! Thanks.

I would not be too concerned about a response. It is written in such a way that it she may read it again in a few months and see how silly it actually is. Getting Theists to write down what they profess to believe is a great way for doubt to take hold and for them to start thinking about their beliefs more critically.

I feel like she is a pretty rational person and very open minded that I do agree with you, however I just want to plant that seed of doubt in her mind so it will grow. That's why I needed a response. Also many strong theists I know actually would still believe strongly in what they would write their believes are. I think many of them are so brainwashed and close-minded they do not even attempt to rationalize when it comes to religion. They just believe what they've been taught.


But the way I look at it is you can never convince or de-convert people that are so close-minded. My goal however is to convince the rational people out there of their irrational beliefs. Hopefully, those that choose to be irrational will end up just dying off over time and become the minority. Sad thought but that's how it will be when religion eventually diminishes in a rational world.


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