How open-minded are you when it comes to jokes? How far does your sense of humour go? Do you believe there are things people shouldn't joke about? Are there any topics you think should be avoided when it comes to jokes? What are those topics (if any) for you?

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I make jokes all the time about things that are taboo, and my friends and family have come to know this about me and usually give me a giggle even if they thought it was a bit insensitive.  


Awhile back, I was at a bar with a bunch of friends.  One was this girl Louise, who I had dated for a few months, but had broken up amicably about 5 months earlier.  That night my good friend Stan came up and told me him and Louise had been dating for a few weeks but hadn't told anyone, and he was very concerned that it would upset me if I found out so he wanted to make sure I was ok with it.  Of course I was, and said don't even worry about it.

A little while later, I was talking to Stan, and he pointed out that Louise and this other girl were looking our way and laughing about something.  I said "Oh man I know what it is, I bet she was just telling Chrissy what a small dick I have."  He was so mad that I said something like that about his new gf (and my ex) that he slammed his beer down and walked out of the bar and wouldn't answer my calls.  I had to meet him later in the week and apologize for bringing up such a taboo topic as my ex girlfriend having seen me naked.

Another funny thing about this is that my friend Stan has one of the most irreverent senses of humor of any of my friends, so the fact he got so upset about such an innocuous retort was that much more ridiculous.  Years later, of course, Stan married Louise and we all laughed about the story.


Anyway I don't think anything is off limits.  I was recently joking with another friend about coming up with a comedy sketch about a girl who, on her way out the door for a blind date, accidentally grabs the dog whistle off the kitchen counter instead of her rape whistle.  And well, hilarity least in our minds!  (if anyone wants to help me film this surefire comedy hit, let me know)

I think everything is open to be joked about I think it's the context that really matters... probably not a good idea to joke about drunk driving in front of a family that just lost a member to drunk driving for example or to be sending the latest hilarious racist joke to your friends via your work e-mail.

I think everything is open to be joked about I think it's the context that really matters...


That's what I'm talking about...

Good video.
While I don't find some styles of humor funny at all (ie: jackass and the like), I know how to take a joke and will excuse a good bit. I'm not sure that anything in and of itself is off limits. But sometimes the timing/situation can make it in bad taste (like 9-11 jokes swiftly following the tragedy). I must say that my wife is sometimes selective of which science jokes she tells me though. Because, although I may laugh, I then quickly explain any scientific/logical flaws in the story or punchline. Some find it odd that I can still find religion based jokes funny. But I feel that a joke is a joke. Funny is funny. Not to mention the religious angle is sometimes just used for framing and isn't even important to the punchline.
Sure, the timing is essential, because a joke that you find hilarious could be just "the person that says it being an asshole" in an inopportune moment.
Jokes are a sin. They are the devil. He always jokes around. I don't like that.
Who the hell asked you anything? Go play with your little angels.
Has anyone seen the Golden Globes Awards this year? What did you think about Ricky Gervais? Did he go to far with his jokes? A lot of people have been saying that he did, but I really liked him as usual, especially his "Thank you to god for making me an atheist." closing line.
that's not going to far!!!  He was really funny!  Come on, he only said what we are all thinking!

My lawyers helped me with the wording of that joke,



I'm not really interested in awards ceremonies, but I watched this one because I was curious what was all the fuss about. Close to the end I was still waiting for Ricky to do something outrageous, but nothing. What about De Niro's jokes about the waiters and some members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association being deported just before the showed started? Wasn't that a little offensive? Come on, none of the show and the jokes were offensive.


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