How open-minded are you when it comes to jokes? How far does your sense of humour go? Do you believe there are things people shouldn't joke about? Are there any topics you think should be avoided when it comes to jokes? What are those topics (if any) for you?

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he just raped her and he was lucky that she had Alzheimer

I like Ricky a lot, but not this joke. I get the humor, but I guess I don't like it because I think it's actually possible that a human could do that in real life.

 Oldtimers is, can be funny- if not you show your fear of life- I don't want it to happen to me- BUT- (and it is happened to people I know) it's not funny- but it's funny- Radiation, retaradtion, stupidity, idiots, race, rich, poor, straight, gay,men, woman and the way we act (in general) and evrything can be funny- falling down - death, diesiese can be funny- LIFE is funny- -- it's a way to deal with reality- or you can pray for something that is not there....
I'm willing to excuse a lot, if it's actually funny.

For me, nothing is sacred... I will joke about anything. Why take anything in life seriously? No one gets out alive. Here's an example, and yes, I honestly did say this, verbatim:


A while back, I had a few friends living with me. This is strictly prohibited in my apartment complex. In a one-bedroom such as mine, I'm allowed only one other inhabitant, and they MUST be of the opposite sex, because I live in the bible belt and my landlady is a retarded christian (I'm sorry, I'll keep it PC, a fundamentalist). Anyway, it was two dudes and a chick. One night, it was just me and Johnny (the others had gone to visit relatives), and we were just kicking back watching a movie. Well, I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I found that he had committed suicide while I slept. The landlady came to see what was going on, and proceeded to tell me that having unauthorized guests was against my rental agreement. It just so happens that as she was saying this, they were wheeling Johnny's body out right in between us. I looked down and said "Well, I'm getting rid of'em one by one..." Everyone in the room froze, then one of my friends started laughing hysterically and my other (female) friend/guest threw up all over my freakin carpet...

Afterwards, when we were left to clean up the mess everyone had made, I started messing with my friend about how it smelled like something had died in here...


Before you guys write me off as a completely sociopathic asshole, realize that I consider suicide to be the most pathetic, weak, pussy shit a person can do. If you can't handle life, sure, gtfo. But do it in a way that's helpful, or saves the life of someone who WANTS to live. Don't do it in a way where the only legacy you leave behind is debt, despair, and a fucking mess for the rest of us to clean up...



That's funny as hell (hmmm, I guess hell, and how you're actually supposed to end up there, is kind of funny if you think about it). But what you said is really hilarious.


I don't have a problem with suicide, but I would have a big problem with cleaning up after it as well.

Reading about it, after the fact, is hilarious.... if I was there, in person, at that moment, I would probably have found it distasteful.  But now... funny!

I tell people I have a grey/warped since of humor. Especially when I comes to death. When I tell them that my first wife died they tell me how sad and I'm sorry to hear that. In response I say "she must of took that til death do you apart thing seriously"

If I have been there and done that then I have plenty of room to laugh myself as well.

I'll admit I will laugh if it strikes me funny. 


But humor out of ignorance is not funny to me.

Wow, mixed feelings here. That was a cold, cold thing to say. But I laughed!

Meanwhile, you knew Johnny better than I, but I wouldn't generalize so much. Some depressed people really have something chemically wrong, or are otherwise undeserving of the pain through no fault of their own. And many of them are treatable, if the right people care about them.

Anyone know what is more fun than stapling babies to the wall?  Nailing them to the wall.  Why?  


Cause they bleed more.  


(+1) if you laughed =)  

I laughed...


People don't get that a joke is just something to make you and/or others feel better, and that you don't actually nail babies to walls or do anything apparently cruel that you say as a joke. I really hate that.

If all the jokes that involve other people would be labeled as offensive, we would make just knock knock jokes. Then we would start to think about doors and that they may be offended or something. All the jokes that would involve other people would have to be labeled as offensive because  you don't have a kajjiger that measures how offensive a joke is. If you don't find them all offensive, you don't find any of them offensive. It just becomes a subjective matter, and you should not tell others what jokes to say or to what jokes to laugh just because you don't think it's funny.

hmm open-minded...

The term no holds barred-minded is more accurate.

My 'sense' of humor can be more mild flavored at times, although sarcastic and monotone is the norm and it is fueled with an excess of unfiltered associations and analogies forced to surface in mind.

It is not new to me when people have described me as crass, which agrees with my content (assuming they mean what I think they mean by the word) often enough.


In the more absolute sense I do not believe there are things people shouldn't joke about.

Although, what seems appropriate is to add that I do not find value or motivation to joke about certain things.

A quick example:
Child killed by chit-chatting on cellphone driver.

Parents just returned from the funeral.


The notion of bellowing out a jib about their daughter and cause of death ending with a punchline assured to be a gasser does not compute as making sense or hold reason.


Not factoring in that time of the month slightly modifying rationality, there is nothing that would be taboo material. That has nothing to do with having a blank stare unable to understand the humor or just finding certain humor signs the teller is not a mind I want to pick.



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