How open-minded are you when it comes to jokes? How far does your sense of humour go? Do you believe there are things people shouldn't joke about? Are there any topics you think should be avoided when it comes to jokes? What are those topics (if any) for you?

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I am like Ricky Gervais when it comes to jokes. He even said something about this that I think it fits very well my position regarding jokes:


There’s nothing you shouldn’t joke about. It depends what the joke is.

I agree.
I also agree.
Ricky's a wise man...I agree with his saying.

Well, I don't find funny every joke that has ever been made. Nobody does. Certainly, some jokes just aren't funny, and that's why I don't like them, because that's the purpose of a joke, to be funny and make you laugh, and not because we shouldn't joke about certain things. People forget sometimes that a joke is just a joke and take it more serious than they should. I don't like going to a hospital and point and laugh at sick people, because I don't like to point and laugh at people in general. That's stupid, but I don't mind a joke about sick people, if it's funny.


So far, only Ricky Gervais made me laugh with jokes about cancer patients, Alzheimer, god, fat people, and other subjects that a lot of people avoid when it comes to jokes. If anybody knows other comedians like him... a recommandation would be great.



Why did the little girl fall of the swing?


Because she had no arms.

Sometimes a joke can be totally NOT funny which then becomes funny - But that is all subjective.  


Like when a person tells a joke and messes up the punchline.  I laugh at that even though the joke failed.  


How many quadriplegics does it take to screw in a light bulb?  


It doesn't matter how many because they still won't be able too.  



I would be laughing at them, not at the joke in that situation.
Bill Hicks- Best comedian ever- died in 93 of pancreatic cancer- Check out "Relentless" or "Rant in E-Minor" or the dvd's out 

Jimmy Carr is quite good. He does one-liners but some are on touchy subjects.

Frankie Boyle is totally mental to be honest. There's nothing he won't have a go at. Check him on youtube for his most 'offensive' jokes.

Comedy is hard --- Death is easy

I work with many comedians- if you tell jokes you're dead- comedy can and should, cover every subject- nothingis off-limits- if it might offend you it is probably all that much more funny-

As an artist, musician, comedian- if it does not offend at least a few - you are not doing it right-

the better you are the more you might "offend" the established, PC world  

"Humour" can also mean temperament - jokes are a reflection of a person's temperament.  Jokes aren't funny when we recognise that the humour of the person telling them is not compatible with our own.  I don't like people with disabilities being made fun of, but I do like people who don't understand disability or how to interact with people with disabilities being made fun of.  Ricky Gervais always seeks to ridicule the way people are uncomfortable with disability, not to cruelly mock the disabled.


My point being  -  you can make jokes about any subject, but the joke will tell other people something about the way you view the world.  Some "jokes" aren't funny because they are an invitation to join in with some form of unpleasant stereotyping.  Some jokes are funny because they reveal in an amusing way some flaw in human nature.


It's not the subject matter that's important.  It's the treatment.

That's exactly what I was saying. I don't like to point and laugh at other people, it doesn't matter if they're sick, disabled, or different in any way, but I do like jokes. I guess the context in which the joke is made is really important, perhaps for others, because I would laugh if a joke is funny, like in a situation similar to the one Maggie described below. :) I guess I would try not to laugh, but I don't think I would be able not to if the joke would be really funny.


It bothers me that some people actually take jokes seriously. Ricky Gervais was talking about him driving a little drunk once and that he almost ran over an old lady... in the end he said that he didn't ran over the old lady, he just raped her and he was lucky that she had Alzheimer so she wasn't a credible witness. I laughed with tears the first time I heard that and I still laugh at it. People, it's not true, most jokes are not true, are just intended to make people feel better and RIcky's jokes succeed every time, they make me feel better. Sure, the fact that Ricky is a great guy outside his gigs and the fact that a lot of the money from those gigs are donated to charity really helps. That's what matters. Jokes can come from a good or from a bad place. That's it. Hitler making jew jokes... not really funny because I would like to bash his fucking head against a concrete wall first, then laugh.


Jokes do not show other people how you view the world. Does that Alzheimer joke tells other people that Ricky likes to fuck old ladies with Alzheimer's disease? No. Jokes show other people whether or not you have a great sense of humour. If you take a joke seriously, then yes, it shows you how the person that told the joke views the world, but that would not be true.


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