Last evening, like so many, I watched the fascinating two and a half hour debate on the Internet from The Creation Museum in Kentucky, in America's Bible Belt, where religiosity rules!
Between Scientist Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham, from OZ!
The subject was as you know, "Is Creation a viable model of origins in today's scientific era?"
Richard Dawkins reckons that such debates are useless, senseless and pointless,
since neither side of the argument is ever likely to convert the other!
And that was true of this debate, two articulate men speaking from opposite ends of the spectrum: Ken Ham, the Australian fundamentalist, the creator of the new, multimillion dollar Creation Museum, which sets out to 'prove' that the Earth is just 6,000 years young, that humans co-existed with the Dinosaurs and that all creatures were vegetarians prior to the sin Adam committed in Eden, eating that apple from the Tree of Knowledge!
What? Even Tyrannosaurus Rex...not a carnivore but a vegetarian?! Really?!
And the reasons for these conclusions?
"Because Genesis says so"!
I see...that Old, really old Testament, dating back some 30 centuries, handed down from generation to generation, told and retold, countless times, very possibly involving exaggerations along the way, distortions, deceptions and misquotations, translated (and sometimes mis-translated) from language to language over the centuries,
those thousands of years.
Never-the-less, it seems that Ken Ham as a devout fundamentalist, believes every word of the Bible and would like it all taught to all children everywhere.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, remained admirably calm and courteous throughout the discourse, whereas, the late Christopher Hitchens would have turned Mr Ham to toast and made him look a real egg! No, Bill Nye quietly and reasonably raised all the relevant arguments to make the point clearly and succinctly that there is overwhelming evidence that this lovely Earth of ours is a good three and a half Billion years old...just examine the Grand Canyon for starters, or ice samples taken from deep under the North and South Poles. study the heavens, for heaven's sake, which are proof positive that the universe is far older and vaster than you or I can possibly conceive!

The discussion had of course,a huge world-wide audience, and I personally found it most gripping. Seems to me that scientists search for evidence and proof before reaching conclusions and are prepared to change their view of things as new facts emerge.
Creationists on the other hand, have reached their conclusions...and then they search (in vain!) for evidence to prove their claims!
The evening's discussion was a prize example of a fundamentalist Christian exhibiting closed minded, narrow minded, fixated, backward facing rigidity and stupidity!
Bill Nye demonstrated an excellent personification of lucid thinking, of education, knowledge, clarity, enlightenment,reason and good science and good sense. Every point he made, was to the point, both reasoned and reasonable.
It's high time childish thinking was abandoned. Believers should at last, discard all those Father Christmas-like fairy stories and learn the facts! As comedienne Joan Rivers says "Grow up America"!
But it's been said that if one could reason with religious people, there'd be no religious people.

As for me, as I've said's not that I'm convinced there isn't a's simply that thus far I've seen nothing to convince me that there is.
If any are interested to watch this absorbing and important discussion. .happy to's available any time you wish on the wonderful Internet! Just Google Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate or go to Bill Nye's website or The Last Word on MSNBC...and see it for yourself!
So is it all just hearsay...or unjust heresy?!

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