Please share this video posted 4 days ago with everyone you can.  This needs to be used against christian fundamentalists  until they are treated like lepers.

Take time to look at the number of responses since it was posted.

Here's the results for search to see how viral it's gone in 4 days's+gay&form=APMCS1

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If I even do have kids and one of them turns out gay all I'd have to say is "Well whatever dude your choice I dont really care, just don't be extreme about it and become bruno or anything"

Just give me a moment to illustrate how completely absurd the use of the word "choice' is when talking about homosexuality.

Do you remember the date you CHOSE to eat pussy rather than suck dick?  

The choice idea is so ridiculous you ought to feel embarrassed about it now.

Go to youtube and search for "National Geographic explains homosexuailty"  It's 7 minutes long and will help you out.

Some of us are so lucky Ari. I can't imagine my family hating me like this. You don't need to feel bad about your parents pure view of you. BTW have you started classes yet?

Thanks for posting that Choice video Reg.  I've seen it before and always forget it.

No problem Virgil. Here is an interesting take on marriage equality from Ireland.

Oh man!  I saw that a few days back!  VERY GOOD and VERY funny.

Thankfully this guy has many options available to him than 20 years ago. If you ever know of someone suffering from violence or kicked out of home, there are organizations that offer counseling, adpot-a-gay-friend programs, shelters and loads of information and even financial support. Religion poisons everything it touches.

His names is Daniel Pierce.  Once the video was posted in youtube people put up a page to raise money for him and raised over $90,000 before Daniel asked them to take it down.  He took what he thought he needed and donated the rest to help homeless gay teens.  The video has also spawned over 40 responses in youtube --- some are worth viewing.

Yeah.  Words like that inspired the Quran no doubt.  That mentality is/was part of all societies based in patriarchal tribalism -- even the Romans. 

My dad used to quote that exact scripture a lot. He kept accusing his kids of waiting around to inherit, and as his mind went in his last years he accused us of a lot more and worse.

That's nice dear. I love you!


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