For example, I have an atheist friend who is sadly an anti-vaccer, another half believes is water divining. The point being atheism is no guarantee of a woo-free wordview.

Have any of you here had similar experiences with friends etc?

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Herd immunity is what a good vaccination campaign strives to achieve. In order for it to be effective, it needs to reach a point where most or all of the herd is immunized. Of course the anti-vaccers mess this up by refusing to get their child vaccinated, thus the herd is compromised : )

Well, yeah, but the stupid parents' kids are the ones at risk, so when they come down with (name disease) the vaccinated kids' parents get the last laugh.

Also I believe a baby has to be about 12 months old before it can get the shot for measles so in that case, all infants are at risk until vaccinated.

While it doesn't state a specific age, the CDC does use the word "infant" in this quote: 

Infants are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases; that is why it is critical to protect them through immunization. (source)

When I think of infants I think of kids in their first year. When they start walking (usually around 10-25 months) they are usually called toddlers.

Also I believe a baby has to be about 12 months old before it can get the shot for measles so in that case, all infants are at risk until vaccinated.

They don't have to be 12 months, although in the US this is the standard practice. It can be given as low as 6 months under special circumstances, such as for international travel (which is a CDC recommendation). 

The age vaccines are given to babies varies for a lot of reasons. Babies have protective antibodies from their mothers for a few months after birth, some vaccines aren't tested below a certain age, young babies' immune systems might not be able to respond well to some vaccines, etc.

Source: My wife is an infectious disease doctor. She's sitting a few feet to my right. She read this thread over my shoulder and made me type all of that. :)

Maybe I'm just weird. (I don't dismiss the possibility)
Whether it was the catalyst for, or simply the focal point of; Atheism has always meant for me that, 'I don't believe'- period!
If you don't believe in God, but you believe in ghosts or angels or any other wisp of fantasy or ethereal, spiritual entity...where did they come from? God? Then how can you say you don't believe in God if you believe in the Tooth Fairy and Ol' Saint NIck or any other mystical things?
I'm a pretty black & white kinda guy I guess, I think you either believe, so you have the capacity to believe in anything, or you don't believe. Sorry, I don't believe. I'll go away now...

Yep. Knew some atheists who were believers in chi therapy, ancient astronauts building the pyramids, etc.

There's nothing about atheism itself that mutually excludes all kinds of harebrainedness. It's just that most atheists become atheists because they have become rigorous and skeptical in their thinking.

Pretty much. A number of atheist reach that state due to skeptical and critical thinking. A number don't. And some use skeptical and critical thinking when discussing religion, but not in other areas, much as some theists are critical thinkers in say, their professional fields, but don't apply it to their religion.

A recently-deceased militant atheist who'd graduated Columbia University and did some post graduate work there told me he was also an anarchist and a communist.

So for this post, the question is Do I, or did I, know any atheists who believe in woo?

If anarchism as a way to govern a community of real people is woo, then yes.

If communism as a way to govern a community of real people is woo, then yes.

I asked him one day to tell me about the anarchism he favored. When he finished, I asked him if he believed that people who live in the community would volunteer to negotiate for the many services residents require (police and fire protection, garbage collection, water, electricity, recreation, tax collection, et cetera).

He confidently replied that they would volunteer for those tasks. That's woo.

He'd get volunteers to be cops.The worst kind. Look at the Trayvon Martin case. Is Goerge Zimmerman the kind of policeman we would want? Some positions should never ever be held by volunteers.

I think that my chakras eclectic energies are misaligned from my acupressure points. These are normally regulated and maintained by my universal Chi, which of course we all have if we would only tune into it properly at our inner cosmic level. I suspect the root cause of this is from when I redecorated my bedroom the wrong shade of meditation purple and changed the position of my bed. I must check this with my guru as he is never wrong. As soon as I find my lucky shoes with their negative energy deflectors (a bargain at €499) and positive ray absorbing hat (€1,299 after I got the special 30% discount – thank you shoes) I will walk over to his house avoiding all pavement cracks.

After my Reiki therapy session, this time with the blue candles, I will buy myself a treat. Maybe some healing crystals for myself and some special stones to ward off any evil spirits from entering my house? That would be a nice treat.

Oh hang on a minute – I have just done my solar chart for today and it looks like a sextile will impact of my ninth house due to the ascendant nature of the Venus glyph which distorts my personal natal chart readings so I will have to stay indoors until 16:47. Which is ok by me as I can relax in a bath filled with my new Himalayan lavender regeneration salts and read my book on how angels are manifest in our lives and how to learn to see them with our inner eye. Then I will catch up on my “Ghost Hunter” recordings.

Who is that knocking at my door? Better not be one of those religious loonies. God only knows how they can believe in that stuff.


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