I've noticed in many discussions that a lot of Americans on this site choose to abstain from voting. If you are one of these, and since I cannot vote in a US election even though I am indirectly affected by living on planet Earth, as a hypothetical question: How much would you charge me to buy your vote?

Specifically, how much would you charge if I asked you to vote Republican? How much for a Democrat vote?


Please don't look at other answers before you provide a sum as this will give you a cognitive bias called Anchoring:

"During normal decision-making, anchoring occurs when individuals overly rely on a specific piece of information to govern their thought-process. Once the anchor is set, there is a bias toward adjusting or interpreting other information to reflect the "anchored" information. Through this cognitive bias, the first information learned about a subject can affect future decision-making and information analysis."

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To vote democratic a buck 95 will do it.  To vote republican I need to get enough to put me in the 1%.


I don't vote period, because all politicians sucks, but donations would be greatly appreciated. :)

While I would like to say there is not enough money to buy my vote, as long as it would not be the single deciding vote, the need to get my teeth fixed, a much nicer place to live, have a nice car, and enough money to chase women again would most probably do it.

As I said, were it the deciding vote, there is NOT enough money to BUY MY VOTE.

Next, the RETARDS who can vote and do not so and who Bitch about anything the goverment does or does not

As far as "ANCHORING" I am sad to say that in my very extensive experience with my fellow Atheists, MOST f them are a apt to Refuse to Learn and/or to DENY ANY facts which PROVE THEY ARE WRONG!

For one example, not only do many, to MOST Atheists, DENY the MANY FACTS which PROVE the IRAQ WAR is FULLY JUSTIFIED they will REFUSE to EVEN READ the facts I provies much less attempt to Prove I am worng,

Even a past president of American Atheists who has a PHD told me he alrady know all he wanted to know about Iraq and so he would NOT EVEN READ the 17 FACTS I present which PROVE my Point!

This is the open-minded, search for truth person one would think an Atheist is? NOT!

LAST, ANYONE who either wants to learn what the 17 facts are or who are naive enough as to thing they can prove me to be logically and/or factually wrong on any subject I comment on are most welcome to email
me at: religionsucks@webtv.net

Thanks for your time!


Breathe man, breathe.

You couldn't pay me enough to vote Republican. Ok, I take that back. If you could pay me enough to be part of the middle 1% for the rest of my life.. I'd think about it. 

I'm an anarchist. I don't vote and no one is buying my vote, either.

How much are you willing to pay for my vote?

Given the current state of things in the US (the next election I will be voting lesser of two evils) if you are willing to give me enough money to say pay off my student loan debt or pay for my masters program then I might be willing to sell my vote otherwise it wouldn't really be worth it if I'm not benefiting significantly.

Also to both the original poster and others on here how much would a 3rd party vote be worth?

Also... note to everyone. I vote and will continue to vote in each and ever election be it national scale, state scale or local. In fact I'd be more willing to give up my presidential vote than my state and local votes as I have much more power and say in state and local elections than in the presidential election which is filtered through our crummy electoral system instead of being a popular vote.

I vote, but I empathize with you, so I will answer.  If you gave me enough money to either a) buy a party off from its current benefactors or b) establish a competitive alternative party and support its growth for the forseeable future, then I would vote for your chosen party during that period.  I don't think you have that many billions, but if you do, I'm feeling patriotic.  :-I      


I only vote out of fear for the greater evil.  I will admit that for all their talk and posturing, the actions of politicians on both sides of the aisle reveal their true loyalty, and it is very rarely to their constituents.  I vote for the party which I believe will be slower to bring about the destruction of the things I love.

this will be my first election i get to vote in so maybe next time lol


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