I've noticed in many discussions that a lot of Americans on this site choose to abstain from voting. If you are one of these, and since I cannot vote in a US election even though I am indirectly affected by living on planet Earth, as a hypothetical question: How much would you charge me to buy your vote?

Specifically, how much would you charge if I asked you to vote Republican? How much for a Democrat vote?


Please don't look at other answers before you provide a sum as this will give you a cognitive bias called Anchoring:

"During normal decision-making, anchoring occurs when individuals overly rely on a specific piece of information to govern their thought-process. Once the anchor is set, there is a bias toward adjusting or interpreting other information to reflect the "anchored" information. Through this cognitive bias, the first information learned about a subject can affect future decision-making and information analysis."

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That's not a corruption of my morals. My morals would still be intact because I would be doing it to save a life....how do I give up my morals for that? You're really digging way too deep here just trying to prove me wrong. Well, you still don't get the true definition of corruption. Corruption is doing something for some kind of gain that is not earned. It has nothing at all to do with just surviving. Seriously, stop trying so hard to bust my chops because you're wrong, plain and simple.

actually that is known as noble cause corruption. that term is most often used in relation to police but it is not exclusive to them.



Noble Cause Corruption: A Non-standard Case

As we saw earlier, in the paradigm cases corrupt actions are a species of morally wrong, habitual, actions. What of the motive for corrupt actions? We saw above that there are many motives for corrupt actions, including desires for wealth, status, and power. However, there is apparently at least one motive that we might think ought not to be associated with corruption, namely, acting for the sake of good"


But ok let me give you one last example.


lets say you and your daughter live in some really bad third world country. neither of you have eaten properly in the last 6 months , havent eaten a thing in the last week and  you are both as thin as those ethiopians you see on the charity adds. now someone offers you £50 000 just to vote for a party you do not agree with in the upcoming elections. would you accept the money so both of you can eat properly  for the foreseeable future or stick to your principals and likely watch her first starve to death shortly before you do.


Now in this case if you accept the money to change your vote you are clearly corrupting a free and democratic elections, regardless of your reasons for doing so. yes you might only do it out of neccesity and for a good cause but it is still corruption

1 dollar! Voting wouldnt change anything and i would have a dollar

LOL, good one, Michael!

One Billion Dollars!!! Only because I want the protesters to come to my house and hang out a while.

We need a "like" button for some of these comments cuz I "like" yours, too!

Probably negotiate my way down, try to get as much out of it as possible first, but if it's just a quick drive and there's no line, I guess I'd do it for 50. Doesn't matter which party. I'd charge extra for every minute I have to wait in line though.

Is it really wrong to accept payment for a ballot cast? You are entitled by law to ONE vote. It does not say you must base your election decision on what you in particular desire. I do not have a problem with someone being paid to cast a certain vote. How is this any different than the domineering husband/wife insisting that their spouse must vote for so and so. And then berating them to the point that they give in and follow their order. 

In the end you can actually vote for who you really want to and give lip service to the vote buyer. That is another ethical consideration as well. But in the world of politics deceit and corruption is standard practice anyway.


Speaking of voting: let's make a constitutional reform to prevent elections from starting no sooner than 60 days prior to vote day.  And then limit private campaign financing; which Congress still has a problem with to this day. In 2008 through October of that year $2.4 billion was spent on the presidential campaign.  It's crazy. And I guess it's also evidence that our votes are actually being bought in a sense.

"the EU is not a democratic body"

Specifically, which part of it is not democratic? The Council with elected state ministers, the Commission with it's members appointed by the leaders of the member states, or the directly elected EU parliament..?

You want to buy my vote? Provide me financial security for the rest of my life and consider my vote yours… until one of us dies.  

As my vote is one of the few tools I have to voice my thoughts on how the gov't is doing, I would have to say that it is NOT for sale!  Thanks for the thought-provoking question!

Run with aplatform I can agree with- pro cannabis, seperation of chrch and state, education, choice and real freedom- That is not buying my vote- just giving me something to vote for- --when you don't agree with 90% of the crap spewed by either corporate bought and paid for party-  no money needed- just issues. Untill I am a "legal" citizen in my own country they can piss off. 


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