For those of you have haven't become aware of the murder trial that's most in the news lately, it's the Jodi Arias murder trial. Arias is on trial for shooting, stabbing (many times) and slitting the throat of her boyfriend, and then doing her best to cover it up. She's facing the death penalty.

There are many controversial aspects of this trial—including the judge allowing jurors to pose questions to Ms. Arias—but I'm going to concentrate on just one. And the question is this: Is the prosecutor overdoing it just a bit?

Her trial has been going a LONG time. It started on January 2 of this year and is still going on with no end in any sort of proximate sight. Jodi was on the stand for weeks, which is okay, I suppose. But the prosecutor has been keeping witnesses for the defense on the stand for very long periods of time as well, and his bullying tactics (not uncommon in trials like this) seem designed to wear the witnesses down rather than merely to extract testimony favoring the state or damaging to the accused.

To some, it seems the prosecutor may actually be engaging in intimidation of future witnesses, who may hesitate to testify completely freely for fear that not only will the be abused on the stand but that their professional reputations may be ruined by merely expressing their beliefs on the stand.

One clinical witness, testifying that Arias's behavior is due to being extremely abused by the victim, actually felt a need to ask the court for some time off from testifying for health reasons. Trial watchers say that he has been looking progressively less healthy as time on the stand has gone by. 

Also, people not involved with the trial have undertaken a campaign of character assassination against the witness.

Some feel that the prosecutor has gone so overboard that, believe it or not, and as long as the trial has been going on so far, he may unintentionally be laying the groundwork for appeals.

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