NOTE: This thread does not flame against Atheism, but it does criticise it. It displays my definition of Atheism which seems to be not for the general public. If you can't deal with criticism towards Atheism you are in the wrong discussion.

Additionally the fear of extremism is directly linked to very seemingly possible distant futures NOT THE NEXT 2 YEARS.




First of all I would like to say I am mostly against all sorts of organized religions, but in fact I am agnostic. (meaning I dont admit defeat to any superpower untill there is enough evidence to support it)


In my opnion there is a big issue that does not tend to be adressed with religion in the right way. People always complain about how close minded religion really is and that most of their followers are just blindly pusuing the herd. Though how much "better" is atheism really?


Atheism is by my language's definition a religion itself. The translated definition of religion in German and Dutch state that a belief turns into a religion once the belief itself sets an definition of how the world works.


People think atheism is about the "we dont know" factor, but it is not. Atheism preeches the "We know YOU are wrong" factor.


I absolutely agree with the fact that atheism not being an organized religion (yet) gives it a higher level logical acceptance, but where is it going?


Atheism used to be the outcast lunatics hanged to death. Now there are groups forming all over the world  with "logical leaders" behind it. I honestly think atheistm is goign in the same direction as all other religions are going right now. How far do you think you are of having atheism's jehovas whitnesses at your door? I have listened to my lesser educated/informed friends rampage about religion after having seen one biased documentary (Religulous). They were making statements such as, "I am gonna kill all those who believe in religion" etc. This is nothing more than atheist extremism. Even on this webiste it seems that some topics are purely places here ase a response to rage/anger against religious people.


This brings you to the discussion that  should be here, maybe even istead of this entire website (not hating at the website, this place is great), "Are we too unintelligent?"


The reason people follow blindly what is set right infront of them is because they are uninformed and scared of complecated explanations that undermine the value of their own existence in this universe.


Religion is part of the problem, but education is in an infinitely worse state.


(Again I am not hating at atheism, as I am far more happy with it that even Buddism, but merely pointing out a more pressing issue. Next year Ill be attending univesity where I hope to find more who have brought themselves up to date with the real issues)


*EDIT: removed the word absolute from the definition of atheism, this is not correct.

*EDITEDIT:Updated description

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The reason education converges with my intial question is because I have mostly seen through experience that 99% of extremists are uninformed people.


The flaw in education (lack of teachign personel in ammount and quality. Lack of funding for research and development) causes uninformed people in teh issues.


The reason i say how much better is athiesm reall? is because atheists tend to be the already more informed part of the species, but they still hold significant ammounts of extremists against any religion with a deity.`

Thanx for saying atheists are the "more informed part of the species"???

How is saying "I don't belive in your god or any god (s) - show me some evidence" extremist in any way?  

And show me one extremist that has atheism as his/her rally call-

Hear ye, hear ye- Atheist meeting come together... 

Anything? Nope still NO evidence...Meeting adjourned...

Not too extreme and a very short meeting- it took longer to find a parking place in here.


I think from now on I'll have more than one way to describe myself, depending on the situation or company.


1`.  Maximum shock value...I'm an Athiest. 

2.   Next level...You're religious?  I'm Rational.

3.   You believe?  I'm a Realist.


Let's see how this goes.



very nice summary, but I hope the world will never be truly realist. This is a sad picture i must admit.

Don't be surprised if you catch some flame from this. There's not alot of patience for the "Atheism is just another religion" canard. Rightly so, because it's bullshit. Atheism has no creed. It's simply a logical conclusion when someone examines evidence. There is no evidence to support the idea of a supernatural power, so we don't believe in one. It's that simple. Your translated definition doesn't carry water. Break the word down; A-theism means nothing more than no-god.

Yes, there are even atheists who can be motivated by hatred and anger. But no, I don't expect to EVER see Atheist evangelists at my door.

I am talking about maybe even generations down the line. Just think of today, when you are aroudn religious people and they start talking about the beauty of jezus christ. do you control teh urge to argue the,m and try to prove them wrong to the best of your abilities? I do for fucking sure adn so do most of my atheist/agnostic friends.


If you really cant imagine to EVER have an atheist at your door trying to "help you see the more likely truth" then you are ignorant to the human lust for power and superior wisdom. The urge to be right and convince everyone around you that you are smart. Cause people do and people always will.

We don't need people at doors spreading lies based on fictional fairy tales. We have science to lead people who are open to facts and knowledge towards that path naturally and in an insightful manner.

If you really cant imagine to EVER have an atheist at your door trying to "help you see the more likely truth" then you are ignorant to the human lust for power and superior wisdom. The urge to be right and convince everyone around you that you are smart. Cause people do and people always will.


Possibly framed in this way may convey more to what seems quite possible:

A person at your door trying to "help you see the more likely truth" may be an atheist, but the atheism aspect is not relevant to which motivates their actions. This is especially true in respect to how you are portraying these individuals.






I see your point and concede, I guess I am talkign more about individual human behaviour than the collective spirit here. You sir are correct in my opinion now.
It is no surprise that people from more educated countries such as those in Europe include A LOT more atheists in the general population. For example - in the U.K. - 25% of people OPENLY call themselves atheist. In fact, only 35% of Brits polled claim they believe in a god and 43% don't.
Your mind is the most open I have come across here on this site...encore...right on the money, thank you.
If you are defining atheism for me, then I am uninterested in your problems with it. Think what you want. Not my problem.


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