The more I dive into politics the more I am finding myself fall into the no party category. I would like to know where you fall.


In my opinion, there is no left or right any more. We are becoming the people vs the corporations. Class warfare is becoming rampant.


What are your thoughts?



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If you click independent in a lot of states then you do NOT get to vote in primaries and you really lose a good portion of your voting power.  In many cases the primary is the key part of the election cycle.
I'm registered as a democrat so I can vote in primary elections but whenever anyone asks me what party I am I reply none. My political ideas certainly do not fall neatly into any party lines.
My political ideas certainly do not fall neatly into any party lines.
Where do your political ideas fall? I am also a registered dem and respond the same way.
I'm not only in the 'no' party, but I believe that political parties are a form of treason. The 'representative' is elected by, and theoretically only concerned with the interests of, his/her constituency. I find it disgusting that the values of a non-elected, corporately-funded third party dictate the policy of the candidates.
On the other hand, I would gladly sign up for the Atheist party, although for obvious reasons I think it might best self describe using the euphemism 'Rational' party.
I like the sound of the Rational Party. Seriously.
I've always found pro/con positions completely irrational, but it's really hard to inject a rational standpoint into a 7 second sound bite, and that's about what it has been reduced to these days. (used to seem like 20 or more seconds in the 70's)

Oh, oh, oh!  I just thought of a good, rational, 7 second sound bite!


"My stance on abortion is, decidedly, pro-sex education."


I'm an independent registered voter. My state lets me vote in any election.

Appeal to authority: Just because Washington had 'no party' doesn't mean we should too.


I am an outside observer, since I do not live in the states.

My dad just wrote me this to this picture:


No party you say?... No voice I say...
What would you have me respond to my dad? lol He is a hard core rep.


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