The more I dive into politics the more I am finding myself fall into the no party category. I would like to know where you fall.


In my opinion, there is no left or right any more. We are becoming the people vs the corporations. Class warfare is becoming rampant.


What are your thoughts?



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Party allegiance replaces the voice of the democratic electorate with that of the party directorate.
I'll let you know what he responds with.
Focus on the Big Picture
Is what he just said lol... /sigh/
Lol!  That's exactly what you just did.  Oh well, political ideologies can often be more entrenched than their religious counterparts.
I like the way he says that as if he knows what "the big picture" is. It's a total cop out answer! You get him into a corner, and he pulls that one out. It's like his version of "God did it" or "I cannot understand the mind of God". HA! :)
He has a point, but that's part of the problem. You shouldn't have to be pigeonholed into either one party or another, especially when you think they're both full of BS. It's true that any third party that develops has little voice, or little influence, but we should strive to change that.
Like it or not that is what we have to work with. Life has certain parameters that we must live in... If you choose not to live within those restraints one could always say fuck it and go sailing...FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!
LOL that's the other response he just responded with. He has a sail boat.

He's wrong that we must live within certain parameters. Funny to hear this from a Republican! It's supposed to be about progression and improvement. That's supposed to be what Capitalism is about. Businesses are allowed to be privatized because that ownership offers them the incentive to improve upon their methods and practices, so that they yield higher profits. They are able to enjoy the fruits of their own labor, but they are only able to do that if they remain current and relevant in culture and society.

Accepting things "as they are" will cause us to move backwards. Maybe this is the main problem for the GOP because they want to "go back to better times", but that's impossible... because times were never really better; values and freedoms were not better. Technology was not better! Stagnation is not ever good.



Well said Cara.
I am basically Libertarian. Libertarians are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. They are constituationalists (separation of church and state would be something they believe in).

But recently I've noticed them getting friendlier towards the climate change skeptics (maybe trying to bring in a few Tea Partiers? I don't know...) Yes, fighting climate change will cost money but the science is sound and failing to do something essentially is screwing over the little guy in favor of the big corporations (and if they do that, I think they are violating other fundamental platforms of the party -- but that's a deeper discussion.)

So I'm 90% Libertarian, 10% disgusted. :-)
So you would be opposed to such things as government healthcare, sponsored medicine, negative income tax, EPA, gun control, national highway system, public transport, unemployment benefits, college stipends etc?

I'm a registered Green, because I agree with the key values.  However, I also live in a state that allows me to vote in whatever primary I choose.  It's nice that it allows me to strategically vote in the primaries for one party, then turn around and vote for someone else on election day.



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