I've never actually been asked if i'm an athiest... even in religious discussions. It's a little obvious with my FSM pictures on my desk among other things. I really don't think people want to know you doubt their beliefs. Even if they doubt themselves, they'll tend to say "I'm agnostic" rather than denounce the possibility of god completely. I don't remember meeting any actual athiests in person besides myself when i think about it. How about you?

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Until recently, I think I only ever really knew of one.

I think it's funny, Doone, that you say "active" atheist...I don't know that there is any action required. I mean, sure, a person can actively promote it or admit to it, but... atheism is sort of just existing without jumping to conclusions about stuff we're unsure of. Would you agree? Anyway. Just that it was interesting...
Scores. In fact, I just got back from a meetup where there were about 20-25 of us present. :) And I've been to a couple of conventions where there were hundreds of atheists about.
Same here, Dave. But if it weren't for those kinds of groups, I think I've only ever met one person who's an atheist (who told me they were an atheist). I might have known more, but it's not a question I go around asking people. ;-)
Yep. I was rather surprised to find so many atheists in Atlanta, figured I was relatively alone here.

I just recently found out that a friend of mine, who was nominally Christian when I met him, has become an atheist, in part due to our regular conversations about science. (Science for the win!)
100's of Atheists in 1 spot... the crime and debauchery must have been rampant!
The counts of blasphemy were certainly off the scale.
I'd say that I've met 3-4 people that I know are Atheists, plus I've pretty much planted enough knowledge into a friend/coworker who was pretty much undecided before we had a few friendly conversations on the topic. :)
This thread is odd for me, because I know many atheists, from school alone. In my physics class for example, we had a discussion about religion that had 3 other atheists actively involved (most of us quoting from The God Delusion - it was a fairly recent release at that time). And I'd say that I know at least 4 more students in my year that are definitely atheists, and several teachers. Those are just the ones that I know well enough to have talked about religion with - I wouldn't be surprised if there are loads more people that I know that I didn't know were atheists.

The amount of atheists my age is both encouraging and surprising. I live in UK, where the majority of people are Christians, but small number of them go to church. The 2001 census states:
"About sixteen per cent of the UK population stated that they had no religion. This category included agnostics, atheists, heathens and those who wrote Jedi Knight."

I think that there are more than 16% non-religious people my age in the UK, at least of those that I know.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jedi_census_phenomenon (Off topic link)
Recent studies (in the US) showed that younger people had a much higher rate of non-belief (30-40 percent, I think). It's probably similar in the UK.
I don't go asking people if they are atheist so maybe i havet some that I don't even know. But to meet someone and them telling me they are atheists, none. :(
Quite a few, locally there is a group that meets once a month. Plus a lot of my best buds actually think for themselves. Personally I do identify more as agnostic but I'm not hung up on terms. The fact is, we don't believe. Some of us are more open to possibilities but we simply can't believe at present.


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