How Long Before Someone Discovers You Have Died?

I'm watching a very interesting movie, Dreams of a Life, about the life and death of a fairly ordinary but attractive mixed-race 38 year old English woman named Joyce Carol Vincent who was found in her apartment after being dead for three years. 

The mystery is how it took so long to discover her body, which by that time was just a skeleton on a couch. By all accounts a healthy young woman, she apparently died in the midst of wrapping Christmas gifts. Her television had been running the entire time. Did she die of a drug overdose or alcohol intoxication? Probably not. She was not known to be a druggie or drinker. Some suspect murder but with the state of her body it is likely impossible to determine the cause of death. There was no evidence of physical violence. 

What about the people she was wrapping presents for? Nobody wondered why she didn't show up for a Christmas party or dinner? 

What about three years of unpaid rent? Apparently it took three years for the authorities to act on an eviction. Obviously, she wasn't paying utility bills the entire time, either.  

Neighbors did notice a foul odor, but apparently no one thought to call the police for what we in the U.S. would call a "welfare check." This is where the police knock on the door to determine if someone is okay or may be in need of assistance or intervention...or may be dead.

Suppose the unthinkable happened and you died alone. You just kicked off by a sudden heart attack. How long would it take for people to be concerned enough by your absence to act?

In my own case, I live alone and tend to entertain myself for long periods of time. I go for many days without being in touch with a friend or relative, but I suspect within two  weeks or so someone would start asking others whether they'd heard from me and three weeks before someone took action. 

If you, too, live alone, what's your estimate?

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I guess you could start a thread on that subject.

I'm pretty sure my landlords would enter my suite within a few weeks of my rent not being paid - so I would guess a maximum of 6 weeks.  That seems like a very real possibility but I'm sure I won't be disturbed by the delay should that happen.

It would go unnoticed since I'm a loner. 

So, maybe the smell, then?

I guess with technology these days and the fact i direct debit rent bills etc.

If I lived alone someone may notice after the savings dry up or work colleagues (my boss) would be on the doorstep I live next door to my work lol , I don't do Christmas but in her case if it was a murder it would be quite easy if it was someone close to her to advise relatives she'd gone away or moved over the holiday period particularly if she was also a direct debiter with some savings who knows?

Bit of a sad reflection on society though when you know whose in your apartment complex it is something we tend to say haven't seen so and so for a while .

I know my family and I regularly check on the lady with dementia next door but i'd like to think most neighbourhoods look out for their oldies . I guess not always ....

At this present time I have some assurance of being found even if not by my man (has had recent eye surgery so he could miss it lol) but  I have 2 teenagers who are never far away they need money for gigs! as they do ....

So my estimate oh about 10 minutes lol 

I just thought of something else how do you know she was wrapping the presents and not unwrapping them lol

Hum, and the questions begin.

I would assume that those who discovered her found her skeleton surrounded by unused wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and other paraphernalia need for wrapping but not for opening.

I hope I die in my sleep. That way when i wake up, I'll be dead.

I live alone and have joked with people in the past if I were to die at home it might be several years before anyone noticed.  In truth though, were it to happen now, it might be only a few days.  I have a couple of friends I'm in daily contact with and one would start to freak out if she didn't hear from me after a day or two.  plus I think if I didn't call or show up for work someone would probably notify the authorities after a few days.


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