At work today, I was being trained by a Hispanic man who struggles with the English language, to the point of not being able to make his point due to me not understanding both his accent and word choice (bad conjugation). I very respectfully (and away from the Hispanic trainer) asked my manager if there was any way I could be trained by someone who was a little easier to understand...

And someone overheard me, and ran away talking about how I'm a racist.

I'm just wondering if anyone can explain to me exactly how this is racist.

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I think your manager is not very capable. That approach makes him/her look like they have poor conflict resolution skills. Personally I do not deal with impatient people. I ask them to meet me when they have time to give the issue the respect it (may) deserve.

YOU could have asked him to type into google translate.

That is racist.

Ergo you are a racist.

And the knicks suck!

You have to go through a metal detector (much like Amazon) so I can't take any sort of electronic device into the warehouse. I would use Google Translate if I could.
If you think it would help I can give you some pointers to say in Spanish for your training. Or have him draw a picture. Or even write down the phrase IN Spanish and look it up on google translate. WARNING: If you go the google translate option, (I am going out on a lim here and assuming) he is likely not even literate in his own language so he probably won't spell it right. So google translate would be your LAST resort. But...

It wasn't racist, tho unless you said it like an asshole, lol

The only reason I say he won't spell it right is because immigrants from Mexico rarely are literate even in their own language as far as grammar and spelling etc. If you type in a misspelled word into google translate it's useless.
I can say that and it not be racist cause my baby daddy was an illegal from Mexico

I had dealings with a couple who could not write their own names, so I know it's true depressingly often.

I'm not even allowed to take my phone on the floor so unfortunately Google Translate isn't an option...

There is a famous saying about What is art? It goes "Something is art if someone says it's art.'

Maybe you're a racist if someone says you're a racist(?).


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