At work today, I was being trained by a Hispanic man who struggles with the English language, to the point of not being able to make his point due to me not understanding both his accent and word choice (bad conjugation). I very respectfully (and away from the Hispanic trainer) asked my manager if there was any way I could be trained by someone who was a little easier to understand...

And someone overheard me, and ran away talking about how I'm a racist.

I'm just wondering if anyone can explain to me exactly how this is racist.

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Lmao my phone is a goddamn piece of crap. Explain to me**

I mod edited it for you.

Thank you sir

That doesn't sound racist to me, but I'd need to know more about the situation before deciding the best way to handle it. If the guy is an employee for the company, then I'd be thinking about how to help him learn to communicate better. Maybe it's be easier for me than you to do this because I'm older and possibly more experienced with multi-cultural settings?

Is he trying to teach you how to make burritos, or what?

No I don't work in food anymore (praise be to the FSM).

It's a car part assembly line unfortunately.

And the guy is a total fucking beast at what he does. No one hits rate as consistently, but he's from Portugal, and I could catch a few words here and there but nothing more.

He was visibly frustrated, and I could see in his eyes that he was trying his best, but it just wasn't working out.
Wow. Not Portugal. I was having a conversation and typed what I was saying.



You racist!

Cultural appropriation. Only eat 'merikan food.

Haha, but look how long it took anyone to notice ask posit!

Not racist. Lazy or unimaginative perhaps, but not racist.
It would hace been wise to ask at First: "I cant understand this guy...what can we do about it" before asking directly for a new trainer. Maybe there were other solutions no one thought of.

Totally not racist...its about language...not skin colour or culture. You should be able to understand you colleagues...or at least give them intensive English refresher courses (for free) if not. They aren't that expensive.
Well I was walking on eggshells at first and trying really hard to be as tasteful as possible but the manager is totally impatient and pretty much told me to spill the beans ASAP and get out of the way.

So I pretty much had to keep it respectful yet very very quick.


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