Me, my son, and my family have already been negatively impacted by the Chump administration. Orange Hitler has lived up to be everything I knew he would be - which is EXACTLY what he told us. He is the only candidate who actually said what he meant, meant what he said, and yet we're sitting here waiting for the joke to's no joke and it's not ending people! Not unless we kick his ass out of office which this point, I'll GLADLY take Mike Pence. He's a fucking asshole too but he's a little saner than our current psychopath of a President. Why are we so shocked? We did this to ourselves...

Anyway before I go too far down that rabbit trail...

How have you personally been affected by the Presidential ahem changes? I will share my story too but I want to hear yours...

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Well, I've been taking advantage of a sale on popcorn. Also, the NOK has strengthened against the EUR and USD, which makes it more likely I can get a bonus next year and my trip the Berlin next week will be slightly cheaper. 

I voted Trump. The democrats gave me no choice in this matter. My wife and I live in NJ. It is extremely expensive to live here and an added fine for not being able to afford medical coverage was the last straw. During Obama's time in office, we paid more in taxes than ever before. What he did is great for those who are on section 8 or those who intend to stay single. If you are unmarried and sleep around, ocare gives you a hell of a discount even if you are producing kids, your rates are kept low. If you are married and just at an age that you can produce kids, your rates are extreme. $600 per month each extreme. I can't survive here period, let alone having to pay a fine for something that is not a crime. I was a single issue voter. My objective was to get rid of the fine, nothing really more.

LOL...a single issue voter, and as statistically, taxes only went up compared to say pre-recession measures for those making over 400k /year, yet, you also say you could not AFFORD affordable care, which is subsidized, so if you can't pay, it chips in... seem to have screwed up the single issue.


As for health insurance, its analogous to car insurance, as its important to have those with lower claims in the pool to spread out the per person costs, and, you can also be fined for not having car insurance, etc.

Some taxes go to pay for schools, even if you have no kids in school, for soldiers, even if you don't want them to fight, for police, even though you never called them, and so forth.

As you live in NJ (As do I - Howdy Neighbor!), you know your property taxes have climbed like crazy, under the Republican Gov who works to place caps and cut taxes, but, they went up any way, etc.

Basically, if the tax is so many cents per $100 of property, and, after Bush's housing bubble burst, the properties plummeted in value...and, later, started to recover...under Obama or Christie, depending on how you want to count it.


Towns that had investments as part of their budgets, now might have only half that income coming in..and, that means the cents on the dollar in taxes they are going to get, won't cover the bills...and they want to raise the tax rates to not go bankrupt, etc.

And so on.

The same for health insurance.  The premiums for insurance had been skyrocketing every year for decades.  I have my own business, and paid premiums, and, before Obama Care, the rates would jump like mad every year, it was insane.

Now, yes, they still go up, but, not by as much, as the pool is larger, and, they are only allowed a certain percent profit per year, by law.

So, yes, every year, cars cost more, phones cost more, insurance costs more, etc...but, your tax rate only went up under Obama if you made over 400k, etc.


Trumps version of cutting taxes, is tax cuts for the super rich, and, spending billions on things like walls, raising tariffs on goods from mexico, so, they charge us more for the Hecho in Mexico label, and have our businesses sell less to them, he can pretend the Mexicans are paying for the wall, etc.

He's also rolling back as many human rights as he can, as quickly as he can...while his neo-nazi supporters cheer.  (You only had ONE issue, so, present company excepted)


While I agree with you that it is a good idea to have healthcare, it really should be on the employers to pay at least part of it. Unfortunately in NJ, I have never found a job that pays better than $12 per hour. When that is all you are willing to pay even to hard workers with lots of experience, you should have to pay for healthcare. Not fine people that clearly make too little to survive. That was a tax cut to the rich in itself. The Democrats do pretty much the same as republicans, just in a different way. When you own a billion dollar a year business, you should have to either pay enough for people to afford healthcare and a place to live or pay at least half the cost of healthcare. Instead, what does obama do? He hits me with a fine that makes it even more difficult to pay for things like food and rent. Though I did have a mortgage before. Life here is unstainable for us before you figure for that fine. After the fine, forget about it.


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