Me, my son, and my family have already been negatively impacted by the Chump administration. Orange Hitler has lived up to be everything I knew he would be - which is EXACTLY what he told us. He is the only candidate who actually said what he meant, meant what he said, and yet we're sitting here waiting for the joke to's no joke and it's not ending people! Not unless we kick his ass out of office which this point, I'll GLADLY take Mike Pence. He's a fucking asshole too but he's a little saner than our current psychopath of a President. Why are we so shocked? We did this to ourselves...

Anyway before I go too far down that rabbit trail...

How have you personally been affected by the Presidential ahem changes? I will share my story too but I want to hear yours...

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We did this to ourselves...

Well, I didn't vote for him... I would of voted for Bernie in democratic primaries, then Hillary in the POTUS election, but alas, my vote is worth nothing, as I'm not an American. In no way am I the least bit responsible for this "trump"ed up mess.

How have you personally been affected by the Presidential ahem changes?

Mostly, I'm worried about some friends from Australia living and working in California... if they happened to of taken a trip home last week, they would of been locked out of returning to the US for 120 DAYS! I don't think Trump intended the travel ban for people like them, but to my knowledge, it WOULD apply to them as they are foreign nationals. Seems like Trump is just impulsively placing orders without considering any nuance.

One of the other changes I've heard about is a GLOBAL drop in stock markets. If that continues, Trump could literally cause a global recession, just by disrupting confidence in a stable business environment.

UPDATE: Not sure if this would even make the news in the US, but Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is making Trump follow through on a deal Australia made with Obama to take 1250 of the refugees we are holding in detention camps. Apparently Trump is a bit pissed about it!

Belle, how have you been negatively impacted?

I have not as yet noticed a change in my life.

While i have no use for the guy i don't think he is straightforward at all. He lies and lies and piles lies on top of lies. And the direction of his policy is in some respects willy nilly and will depend on the vicissitudes of his life and on who is able to influence him.

President Bannon has been busy the last few weeks.

Some charitable groups I work with to help relocate and find homes/jobs for refugees, etc...are slammed with the refugees being stopped and held at the airports...indefinitely. The refugees are in a nightmare scenario where they are terrified they will be sent BACK to where they were escaping from.

The host families that rearranged their lives to accommodate the refugees, now don't even know if the programs are going to exist anymore, etc.

Some people left other jobs, and relocated to work full time in different states or countries, bought houses there, some even modified the homes to accommodate the work and/or the refugees, to be there to work with the refugees when they arrived...and, now, have no work to do.

There are those already here who, like those trapped at airport holding areas, are terrified of being sent back to where THEY escaped from...and, if not deported, they are afraid angry mobs of red necks with come after them with torches and pitch forks.

And so forth....and, that's just one facet of the TOW (Headed) Misle.

I won't underestimate the American people who always find a way to overcome. There may a silver lining here if this thing goes too far and then backfires....It may bring us together...

But I will say to any Muslim who wishes to bring their Sharia Law to my country,-FUCK OFF. Using our freedom to destroy freedom, how stupid are we?

I'm with you on Sharia, but it is just another set of rules. We won't live by them in America while we regard the constitution. Though, I fear the political turn starting with Reagan may have weakened our belief in the document.

We DO have the constitution, albeit, we had it when blacks were being towed behind pick up trucks until they were torn to shreds, hung, and so forth.

We had the constitution while gays could not marry, even though its ONLY a religious issue that objects, and so forth.

The people, historically, have looked the other way and chose to interpret the constitution, or ignore it, in a way that essentially enforces the Christian version of Sharia law.

If not for lawsuits, etc, this Christian version of Sharia law would be the de facto law...and even with legal challenges, aspects of the Sharia law are essentially still in place.

Rant in 3.....2.....1.....

My ex-husband's immigration status is about to be threatened. We can now no longer safely bank on traveling or having our son travel to see his grandparents that he's never met. Several members of my family can not travel to the country where they are DUAL CITIZENS....I have already lost 5 members of my family who were forced to leave the country and more to follow. And there's a very real possibility that my son may lose his father in this immigration mess....if he doesn't get his shit together. AND - I have a friend who may lose her son and he may be sent back to his country of origin...Yah. And several students on our campus are extremely fearful. There's been hateful remarks made all over the place on campus towards Muslim students and our PTA (I am on the board) Is REALLY concerned about DeVos. A lot of my legislative advocacy work is being threatened...


Rant over.


What are the criteria to impeach? He's been very reckless with his executive orders, but that's kinda what won him the vote. Has he done anything he could be impeached for?

Think of the House of Representatives as a grand jury that alleges crimes or near-crimes in their opinion. They can vote to impeach, which really does nothing more than 1) affect his reputation and 2) enables the Senate to prosecute, convict, and kick him out of office... which I think's never been done in history (?).

Hmm, with balance of power, I'd expect the judicial branch also needs to approve of conviction, but I'm probably wrong there. I need to read the constitution again.

Anyway, here's a very short article on it: Presidents Who Were Impeached.

The constitutional criteria for impeachment are "high crimes and misdemeanors."  The Supreme Court has ruled that impeachment is fundamentally a political act, and that the Courts will not intervene or interpret the meaning of "high crimes and misdemeanors" as that is the prerogative of the legislature.

Our lower house (House of Representatives) can introduce articles of impeachment.  These are debated, and must be passed by a simple majority vote.   The members of the House then act as prosecutors in a "trial" to be conducted in the Senate.  The chief justice of the Supreme Court presides at the trial, and the Senate acts as the jury.

A two-thirds vote of the Senate is required to convict, which is a very high bar.  

If convicted, the person is immediately removed from office, and can also (optionally) be banned from ever holding public office in the United States for life.  Only two presidents have been impeached:  Andrew Johnson (the guy who took over after Lincoln was assassinated) and Bill Clinton.   Johnson avoided conviction by just one vote in the Senate; not even a majority of the Senate voted to remove Clinton.   However, there have been a number of successful impeachments of members of the federal judiciary and other offices.  Richard Nixon was facing impeachment and almost certain conviction, but chose to resign.

Do not expect an impeachment proceeding without an unmitigated disaster, since getting anywhere near 2/3 in the Senate would require a lot of defections of Republicans (or a serious change in the makeup of the Senate after the 2018 elections).  After the Bill Clinton debacle, the House is unlikely to vote articles of impeachment without the Senate being on board and the situation being major.

The other way a President can be removed is under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, if the Vice President and a majority of the cabinet find him unfit.  The problem is he can choose to fight it, in which case Congress decides.  In that case, he can be removed by a 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress.   No "high crimes and misdemeanors" or a trial are required, they can simply find him unfit.


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