Want to know where you figure into the income percentages? This page will tell you, But to answer at what level one is in the 1% (with 99% of Americans making less than you), here's a small chart:

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Don't get me started Unseen....I'd be happy just to reach the top half mark....I wonder how many other single moms there are like me who are stuck in the bottom 25% but don't qualify for shit when it comes to public assistance. At least the bottom 10% can get food stamps and get their daycare paid for by the government and can send their kids to head start programs. Those single moms like me making a modest income don't get any breaks...Not to mention when your kid gets sick and you have to miss work (normally unpaid) because you're...well.... a single mom....who else?.....so much for a promotion. and the cycle is never ending.......

I was surprised that the cutoff point for being a 1%er was so low! I think most of us assumed that to be in the 1% club you had to be at least a millionaire, not a "hundred thousandaire."

Yes but most of them buy fancy houses and expensive cars and boats and before you know it they are bitching that they don't have enough money for higher taxes. It's like LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!!

If only they limited themselves to houses. Much of their spending benefits workers in other countries. And even with houses, how scrupulous are they to make sure the labor isn't illegal immigrants?

Don't get me started on illegal immigrants either Unseen, LOL!!! Unless that is that you know of enough Americans who are willing to pick our produce? 

Sorry...off topic there :)

Enough Americans would be willing to pick produce if the farmers paid what is regarded as a living wage in America. Some sort of minimum wage enforcement for farm workers tied with some enforcement to make sure minimum work conditions were maintained would bring Americans into the produce picking workforce. I can't blame Americans for not wanting to pick produce under the conditions undocumenteds from south of the border work under.

They can't improve conditions and pay because no one wants to pay $4 dollars for a precious avocado.

If someone wants an avocado to make some guacamole, what option would they have? If it were to involve fresh vegetables, it might mean buying avocados grown and picked by Mexicans IN Mexico clearly marked "Produce Imported From Mexico," keeping the price down and inviting Mexicans not to cross the border.

Those fancy houses provide a lot of jobs though.

Huh? What to build them? Or to maintain the mansions they own?

Both, actually.

@Unseen: If you want to tackle illegal immigration and the workforce separately I'm game. I will refrain from commenting on it further on this thread as to not detract from the main point. (Yes that is a challenge ;)


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