About 4 years ago I had this dream. 

The US had been turned into a police state based on religion. My sister and I were standing outside a processing center. The only question being asked was will you turn your life over to god. My sister told me she knew I didn't believe but just to go along with it so I wouldn't be turned over to a concentration camp. I began panicking in the dream which apparently manifest itself physically because I woke up in a heavy sweat.

I didn't think I had that strong of a conviction to be truthful but apparently my subconscious does.

Any thoughts?

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Unlike Peter who was pressured by Jesus that he'd deny him 3 times after the crow cocks twice... I'm a free man. I really don't care if I hide my anti-evangelist notions around. You're not "immoral" or "less-atheist" when you say or do something 'religious' just to be accepted or not be hated by other people.

Take President Obama. That fellow up there at the white house has a clear atheistic thinking. Most of the time however, he likes to shake off his secularism off his sleeve so that the religious majority would not be turned-off. Unlike religious fundamentalists, Atheists do not judge other atheists for being like that. Even Richard Dawkins understood Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein when those two metaphorically denote god in their sentence.
I'm with Greg on this one. I wouldn't risk my health/life or that of my family for any religious cause. If put to the "test" I'd "fold" and say whatever would be the safer thing to say. Keeping fingers crossed behind my back.
"The Lord loves a working man and don't trust Whitey"...Naven Johnson aka Steve Martin in the movie "The Jerk"
Well, I was going to say to lie and live, but then... hey, you're standing outside of a processing center. What's inside? Is it worth living for, or would you rather die fast than slow?

I think it would depend on the method of execution too. If it was a crappy concentration work camp, I'd take a gunshot to the head anyday. Unless it wasn't *too* crappy and there was a potential of getting out...
I'll deny it until I see Jesus physically in front of me. I see no real reason worrying about hell or anything like that.
Doesn't impress anything that religious people state..well 1 argument i have trouble with is the "fine tuning in the universe" that seems to be to need a explanation other than that i'm pretty confident.
I'll deny it until I see Jesus physically in front of me.

For me, that would not equal acceptance of Jesus, but doubt for my sanity! I'm much more likely to go insane than for Jesus to exist in the manner that Christians claim.


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