So, a zealot I know from college posted this gem on Facebook.

As the title already asks, how exactly is this a sign of anything? And if all it takes is some sunlight and clouds to convince these people, how can they keep ignoring actual evidence of other things...

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We should make a topic to regroup the dumbest “proofs” that God exist ^^

But this one is a pretty solid one :p

How exactly is this a sign of anything?

You’ve just been caught in the act of using logic, that’s a serious crime when it comes to religion!

I have seen something like this also, plus a double 'sun set'. I never noticed anything being signed about, but was struck with a 'WOW' moment. I expect a REAL SIGN, will be missed by most of us till me have the 'oh my, that can't be good', moment...

Signs and omens: supernatural gobbledygook!

This "sign" reminds me of what Sam Harris wrote about Christian apologist Francis Collins:

"As I rounded a corner and saw a beautiful and unexpected frozen waterfall, hundreds of feet high, I knew the search was over. The next morning, I knelt in the dewy grass as the sun rose and surrendered to Jesus Christ." -Francis Collins

"While Collins argues for the rational basis of his faith, passages like this make it clear that he “decided” (his word) to believe in God for emotional reasons. And if we thought Collins’ reasoning could grow no more labile, he has since divulged that the waterfall was frozen into three streams, which put him in mind of the Holy Trinity. It should be obvious that if a frozen waterfall can confirm the specific tenets of Christianity, anything can confirm anything." -Sam Harris  [bold emphasis added]


The oil change meter in my car read 19%. I wasn't sure if I should wait until it fell to 15%, which was the recommended time to change the oil, or just have it changed now since I was at the garage buying new tires.

Right at that moment, a bird perched on a telephone wire outside took a dump. It landed in a white streak down the front of a metal sign that said Penzoil. That's when I knew. God had sent the bird shit as a sign.

"Let's wait on the oil change, Julio," I said.

Several years ago, I walked out onto my patio and saw this funny pink 'thing' that was rolled around a small bush stem, and was weaving/waging in the light brease. I looked down and realized that it was a round worm maybe hundreds of times longer than it was in diameter. There had been very warm rain that morning. 'Why?' it was rolled around a bush is unclear to me.

Was it a 'sign' that our local cats need to be wormed? Was 'god' telling me that 'I should pay better attention to nature around me'? 


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