Here is a story on CNN today, "Prominent atheist blogger converts to Catholicism"

So, how does one go from reason and rationality to superstitious nonsense? I know that there are some atheists who are only atheist through not reason and rationality but rather from "hating god" because of something that had happened to them. I term these atheists as fake atheists. But someone commented on the site that in her blog that she was raised in a non-faith household (I am not sure if this is true, but for the sake of argument that it is true) - how the hell does one get brainwashed to go from reason and rationality to superstition and irrationality?


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Dear Folks:

The 'prominent, atheist bogger' part sounds like window dressing/marketing. It could be a little like saying 'god said'. Thought stops for some. If an 'atheist' changes their mind, it just would absolutely be a important decision! The world would shake, the atheist empire crumble, and whole new theist epic poetry writen to welcome them into the new fold! Oh yes, don't forget the overwheming need for witnessing on the Church channel. 

When a theist parts company, atheists might welcome them sooner or later, share their pain, and try to correct them for linguistic impurity.  

The need to belong is strong. It overrides logic quite often. We can't deny our past when being part of the pack equaled getting to eat or not being eaten.

Ah, but the pack is beautiful when in freedom...when being loved, protected, and free to be our true selves...therein lies the healthy pack.  When singing songs together and dancing in joy, cherishing our little ones and laughing the day away in peaceful simplicity:  that's what my family calls it - peaceful simplicity - no god, no greed.



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