i was just skimming through your webpage and have a few
questions...but i will only bother you with one. i was wondering
where you got the idea that one won't be judged by god if he does not
believe the bible. i understand that if you do not believe in the
bible as truth that you would not believe that anyone would be judged
at all. but how does it make you exempt from god's judgement? i was
just curious how or where you got that idea.

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First, imagine that there is a god, and that his will has not been revealed in the Bible. This is what men such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine believed; they even believed that Jesus was a man of the highest moral character, even though they did not believe that he was a messanger from god. Anyway, Thomas Paine wrote a lengthy text in his book The Age of Reason where he expressed his belief about the idea of Satan and summarised it with the following words:

"Putting aside everything that might excite laughter by its absurdity, or detestation by its profaneness, and confining ourselves merely an examination of the parts, it is impossible to concieve a story more derogatory to the Allmighty, more inconsistent with his wisdom, more contrary to his power, than this story is." (Note that I had not read The Age of Reason when I wrote the text you are commenting.)

I simply cannot concieve of a omnipotent, omnibenevolent god who tortures anybody for eternity just because their minds are set up by him in a way that they cannot believe in the stories they are told. Wouldn't this god prefer that we used our brains he had given us? Wouldn't he then prefer that we don't believe he exists if that is what our reason tells us? Wouldn't he rather put those in hell who lie to themselves and to others because it makes them feel good?

I suppose you believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God. In that case the following lines should make you see that even the Bible does not condemn people just for lacking the belief that the Bible is the word of God:

* Rom 2:15 "Which show the work of the law, written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the meanwhile accusingor else excusing one another."
* Luke 12:48 "But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: "
* John 12:47 "And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for i came not to judge the world, but to save the world."

I'm sure you can find some passages that contradict these, but then again, who said the Bible didn't contain any contradictions? (That's one of my reasons not to believe in the Bible.)
Well , if there happens to be an omnipotent god and he allows all of thehunger, hurt and suffering to continue day after day, I say fuck him and his heaven. If an omnipotent god allows people to kill and torture in his name, again, fuck him. I am unafraid and the burden of proof is on YOU.
Guys, guys, guys, we're putting way too much thought into this. I would ask the person posing the question why we would be subject to the judgment of a non-existent god? Why would we even consider "exemption," for that matter, for the judgment of a god we don't believe in? It's a nonsensical question.

You might as well ask,"What makes you think Santa isn't going to put you on his 'naughty' list?"
So noted. Vote up.
Have to agree with Frink. This question is so obtuse its just not worthy of discussion.
My goal is to get on all the nonexistent deities' naughty lists.

I'm most of the way there!
We don't believe there is a god, therefore no judgement day, to be honest when you die thats it, most logical thing is that you go to sleep forever.
..... This is... Barely worth replying to! How do we get the idea that we'll be exempt? Because everyone is exempt, because there is no God.

We are ATHEISTS. Atheists don't believe in God. Get it?
hmmmmm...... good points but you forget one thing.

my non existant god is gonna kick your non existant god's butt so hard he wont be able to smite for a week
When I wake up on Christmas morning I don't expect presents and sooty footprints all over the house. Maybe next year I'll try believing and see if there will be any presents for me.
I can't remember who said it, but when asked what he would say if he died and came face to face with God, he replied 'sorry God, not enough evidence!'.
I'm not a bad person, if God wants to send me to hell simply for not believing in him then what can heaven be really worth????
well when i die and meet god im just gonna say u sucks at handling ur own creation lol


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