There has been some recent stir in the media lately.

Perhaps not against atheists in specific.

(Oh wait, except for the Fox News thing. That was pretty specific.)



Anyway, what have you heard? Who do you self-identify with? 

Do you feel like this is a rising trend or media sensationalism?

Does your day to day life seem affected in any way? 

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I have thankfully never experienced any personal feeling of danger, but I have certainly felt ostracized and harshly judged, simply because I do not believe in god (particularly the Christian variation, where I live). Recently I've dealt with the unfair standard that it is okay for a Christian to mock me for my beliefs, to say that I am an immoral human being (or worse), yet should I even question their beliefs, it is seen as nearly criminal. 

I'm a big guy, and I live in a pretty liberal zone, so I haven't felt myself physically threatened in a long time. However, it was a tremendous relief to finally understand that I was not threatened by some arbitrary supernatural power. Even after rationally embracing atheism around age 12, I wasn't really sure until almost 20. I still had this niggling worry, what if I'm wrong? Finally understanding enough to know that I have nothing to fear from god, or ghosts or demons is pretty relaxing.

I don't personally feel threatened, especially since people can't tell you're an atheist just by looking at you. I have been verbally assaulted before once people found out I was not religious, but it never goes any further than words, and they're rarely ever threatening. Part of it is simply following the Golden Rule and treating people the way you want to be treated. When you approach someone in a calm, friendly manner, and maintain such a manner despite the things they say or do, it tends to take the fight out of them. Sure, you'll get a lot of people trying to "bring you back to the flock", but they're easily brushed off...


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