There has been some recent stir in the media lately.

Perhaps not against atheists in specific.

(Oh wait, except for the Fox News thing. That was pretty specific.)



Anyway, what have you heard? Who do you self-identify with? 

Do you feel like this is a rising trend or media sensationalism?

Does your day to day life seem affected in any way? 

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Seriously one of the best posts I've ever read on here. Thank you :)

The religion of forgiveness that you speak of is predicated on the horrific murder of God's Son which will be followed up by the promised slaughter of the world. If you find something beautiful in between, you should consider joining the religion. 

There are atrocious scriptures in the new testament as well as the old. There are also some lovely passages and words of wisdom, just as in the Quran. In fact, I've yet to find any passage in either holy book (negative or positive) which doesn't have a similar passage in the other book. For example... parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the needy, the near neighbor, the neighbor farther away, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess.


That passage is from the Quran.

Funny.  Cherry picking passages based on your human reasoning skills.  Why not bypass the holy books altogether and rely on your human reasoning skills.

A new example that I just ran across. Firebombing a Planned Parenthood, this week. Anyone taking money on the motivation?

Christians don't attack atheists with violence as much as they used to.


I modified your statement to be more accurate, Sassan. While it is true that Christianity in general is less likely to kill non-believers (or believers in other gods) today than it was a thousand years ago, it is incorrect to say that it does not happen. Just a few years ago, for example, a devout Christian murdered his roommate for being an atheist. (Link) Or the Christian in Australia who attacked an atheist couple with an axe (killing the husband) simply for saying that they were atheists. (Link) Or even just last year, when one teenager killed another with a shotgun for being atheist rather than Christian. (Link)


It may be less common than it used to be, but the underlying urge is still there, just suppressed by society.

I agree Dave - I believe that all religion is inherently evil as it creates "in groups vs. out groups" - "I am right, you are wrong" - "We are the chosen ones, you are meant for hell and damnation" type of mentality. But the teaching and role modeling of Jesus Christ does not naturally lead to violence in comparison to Muhammadian dogma - it does lead to ignorance and being scientifically illiterate (which is bad enough in itself), but violence - I do not quite think so.

I haven't felt physically threatened yet. My mental safety, however, is constantly being compromised by having to listen to those missionaries recite their religious doctrine at my door step. I try my hardest to avoid them, but somehow they always seem to catch me before I can hide.

I say invite them in and debate with them! I would love to do that but they never visit my house over here!

I had a couple of old ladies show up at my door a year ago.  Told them I was an atheist and proceeded to challenge their bible skills.  They never came back, even though I offered them an invitation.

I do not feel threatened at all- but I don't put myself in situations where it would be an issue. My personal safety is in more jeapordy from more "normal" crime. Although many homicidal maniacs claim some godly inspiration for what they do or salvation right after they get caught.

In general, most faith-addicts, are not phyically violent, particularly when not in a group.

That being said, I wouldn't go to a big redneck, fundie rally, particularly down South, North, East and/or West,

Y'ain't from 'round here are you boy? 

Bill Hicks and "Forgive Me"


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