There has been some recent stir in the media lately.

Perhaps not against atheists in specific.

(Oh wait, except for the Fox News thing. That was pretty specific.)



Anyway, what have you heard? Who do you self-identify with? 

Do you feel like this is a rising trend or media sensationalism?

Does your day to day life seem affected in any way? 

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I've never felt physically threatened by being atheist.  But I live in a pretty mild religious area, thankfully.

more pragmatic. still sensibly cautious.  but no more delusions of invisible protective hand, no talisman-ic divine force to shield me.  my philosophy is good and bad things happen to both good and bad people, with or without prayers or belief in a god or gods, saints, heavenly intercession. just do one's share in being careful and hope others will too....after is what it is.

Christians don't attack atheists with violence. They will "pray for you" so that "you don't go to hell" so that "you will one day find the light". Christians aren't Muslims in which you get attacked and executed for being an atheist.

[sigh.] History is filled with attacks on Pagans. Crusades not only against Muslims but the question was put to people, "Are you a believer in Christ?" "No." "Off with your head then." This is how it was. The Spanish inquisition. I would suspect that you'll note that was the Dark Ages. What about the KKK? They attacked anyone whom didn't think like them. Jews and Non-believers were in that mix. Abortion Clinics have been bombed and doctors shot. 100's of incidents. If you think that violence against those that don't believe the same doesn't go on anymore, you haven't traveled. Check out this episode of Top Gear where they find that saying NASCAR sucks brings a violent reaction. You defend Christians dogmatically. There are mountains of evidence of people whom claim to be Christians acting violently for their faith. In Ireland they have a wall separating the two main Christian faiths from one another. They both believe in Jesus and still want to kill each other. Christian Biker Gang in LA called Set Free. Tell them fuck Jesus and see if they are brought up on more murder charges. Kids are ran out of schools for being non-believers with teachers in the chase as well. An Atheist has recently filed a civil rights violations claim against her sheriff claiming that she is being harassed due to being a non-believer.  Attacks and violence are not limited to executions only. There is a much broader measure. And your personal experience is not the experience of all others. Christians attack regularly over faith. 

You are right - most of what you cited were from the Dark Ages and ancient history. And the KKK may have called themselves Christians (just like this nut in Norway did) but they were not justified in their actions with the teachings of Jesus Christ and Christianity was not their prime mover in the way that the quran and the teachings of the hadith is the prime mover in Islamic terrorism. I do give you credit for the violent actions of Christians directed towards abortion clinics and abortion doctors - but I will note that these violent incidents are very rare and when they do happen - the murderers are not paraded around as martyrs and face trial and condemnation by the vast majority of Christians in this country. And with the case in Ireland - the prime mover was politics - not religion (if you are referring to the past bloody conflict).

And please note the examples you brought forth were pretty vague and are no where near the level of actions that occur throughout the rest of the world. Most Christians are not violent people. The teachings of Christ is love and salvation. You do find some atrocious scripture in the 'new testament' but the difference between it and the quran is night and day. True Christians forgive even the murderer of their children - they "pray" for forgiveness. This is not a concept found in Islam or Judism.

The teachings of Jesus says: "You have heard that it was said, "Love your neighbor and hate your enemy." But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."

This is a message much different from anything in the quran. While I am an atheist, I can respect the teachings of Jesus. If all the Muslims in the world converted and became Christians, the world would be a better place.


You have been here far too long to be using newbie fallacies like the No True Scotsman.

I would think that in his stage of your participation on this site you should know you are going to get called out on this sloppy type of argument.

For those of you that ARE new, please see below:

This is why we don't say "no TRUE Christian."

Because the fact is, there IS no true Christian. 

Because there is no Christ. No magic. No mythology. 

You only have a bunch of individuals who self identify as Christian. And these individuals are cherry picking through ancient text that has been re-worded and re-translated so many times, it might as well be a game of goat-raping mad-libs. 

So if a self proclaimed Christian participates in any type of behavior, it still means they are a True Christian. 

When the entire religion, through the AGES participates in a certain type of behavior, you just sound silly. 

Now Gaytor has provided you with an entire HISTORY.. a set pattern of behavior in Christianity that advocated violence. I have showed you a whole list of modern day Christian terrorists.

The Norway shooter

Abortion clinic pipe bombers

Dr. Tiller's Murderer

The Oklahoma City Bomber

Ugandan Gay Murders

African Child Witchcraft Murderers

(Pretty much ALL of Texas)


And you are still going to sit here and play childish games because you can't just man up and acquiesce even a single point to another participant on this site? 


Look, I realize you are on a warpath against Islam. WE ALL GET THAT YOU LIKE CHRISTIANITY BETTER THAT ISLAM.

And still, dude. 

No one cares. 


You remind me of the guy at the bar that is always trying to one-up everyone else with barely relevant stories to make himself look good. 


Do not derail one of my contributions again. 

If you want to discuss the topic at hand then do so. 

But at least in my threads, please quit turning everything into Christian vs. Muslim. 

Especially when you don't have a straw to grasp at and you're using a fallacy to back it up. 

It hijacks my threads and that is against the guidelines. 

(Pretty much ALL of Texas) 



In the Western countries there is usually no major threat from the Christians. In mainstream Protestantism, the priests usually have a Masters in Theology and only focus on Bible passages as parables. The only thing the Church currently is misaligned with society as a whole on is married gay priests. Not to say that there aren't small groups and individuals which are radicalized, but usually not in Churches.

What occasionally goes on in the nearby Mosques is a bit more worrying, with uneducated firebrand Mullahs advocating the permissibility of wife beatings and female circumcision.The number of (usually) young male muslims being radicalized in Mosques by Mullahs is more worrying.

As for US specifics: Which do you find more worrying, the radicalization caused by WBC (and other extremist churches) or young US Somalis being recruited to Al-Shabaab?



What's the difference if it's one type of funny hat or the either?

People who are willing to take a human life because their imaginary friend says so are all the same. 


The only advantage radical Islam has over radical Christianity is that immigrants generally assimilate after a few generations. 

Homegrown terrorists keep on passing down their hate because they can do so comfortably in their host culture. 

I mean, I'm saying that we are going to see another crusades anytime soon Hey, how's that thing going over in Iraq right now? 

The difference is that in perhaps 20 years any idiot with an internet connection might be able to build a small nuclear device in his basement. There is currently only one religion which routinely attempts to maximize the number of casualties with it's terror, and where support for terrorism is surprisingly high.


I'm betting that in 20 years, the angry white Republican pipe bomber is going to be able to afford the internet connection and the supplies to make a nuclear device way more than someone from Indonesia.
..and that guy is already IN our country.
Just saying...

It begs the question: When was the last time Christian or right/left political terrorists killed indiscriminately?


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