As most of you probably know, Constantine was the first Christian Roman Emperor. It was in his reign that Christians stopped being persecuted and  Christianity stopped being a minor religion. Basically, the decision he made when he converted and authorized Christianity helped it to spread in Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea. Of course, later , Christians brought their religion (more or less violently ) in Africa , America  and basically all around the world.

How do you imagine a world where Constantine didn’t convert? Would the world be REALLY different?

I apologize for my English , I’m still learning it and I hope you’ll be able to understand me ! 

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Si, because the Roman Empire would have eventually stamped out any sign of resistance. If Rome would have been able to return to its peak glory (big IF), they would have just kept on rolling the conquest train until they either spread too thin to maintain, or until they eventually crossed paths with someone like Attila or Genghis down the line. And even then, who knows...

One thing is almost certain, we would not be Jewish.

They did actually cross paths with Attila, and it was what led to the "barbarian" conquest. Odoacer (which was an Arian Christian German, not a pagan, and actually a high ranking Roman general) invaded Rome in 476 to depose the nepotistic usurper Orestes, which had been Attila's secretary and was his puppet in Rome. 

But yeah, the Roman Empire was probably inherently prone to expansion to the point of it becoming unwieldy and impossible to manage. 

It's amazing how much history I've forgotten. I was like, whaaaaaaaat what what??? Oh...Orestes, oh, yeah. Crap.

It's also possible you are thinking of the fictional Orestes from the Greek tragedy, rather than this Orestes, who might have been named after the character (the play predates him by at least 600 years, probably more like 800--I'm on too crappy a connection right now to go look it up).

They did actually cross paths with Attila, and it was what led to the "barbarian" conquest.

Oh, I know. What I was getting at is, would things have gone differently if Rome remained at its peak longer, or would the barbarians steamroll them regardless.

But yeah, the Roman Empire was probably inherently prone to expansion to the point of it becoming unwieldy and impossible to manage. 

It seems like the most likely outcome. I think, regardless of Constantine's religious position, they were bound to collapse, just like Alexander before them and the Mongolians after; although, Rome did hire soldiers from the conquered nations to bolster the army, so, who knows...

Far too long of a timeline, far too many possibilities to consider.

I did not care for history/social studies in school but have developed more of an appreciation for it since then. I suspect that several of the factors (lead in the water, etc) resulted in the fall of Rome rather than just one - especially since people can poke holes in the solo ideas.

AFAIK there were some environmental factors that also helped make the Dark Ages  what they were - although I forget if they were the result of volcanic eruption (I think so) or a larger than normal meteor.

As for the general idea behind the question - what would today be like if Xianity hadn't gotten going as it did? Since Islam had a significant expansion not too long after it's creation and was then pressed back by Xianity in our world, I think most of the 'west' would be Moslem with a smattering of Jews and pagans. I have no idea of Islam's stand on slavery so I don't know if that would have happened. Early on, Moslems were into science and discovery (thus why so many stars have Arabic names) but I don't know how long that would have lasted. Considering Islam has only a few (relatively speaking) factions, I suspect Islam (even in Europe and North and South America) would still be misogynistic. Although, without the results of World War I, Islam might not have become anti-gay - an attitude they adopted from the conquering Xians after WWI.

Don't mistake this for a rosy alternate present. At one point Moslems co-existed peacefully with Jews and Xians in our world. Not so much now. Moslems settlers of North and South America might have co-existed for a while with the native tribes, maybe even allowing them to have their own nations. But it is very possible that a holocaust might still have happened - although one by the Moslems against the "pagan" natives of North and South America and the Jews. (Not that Hitler would have been the engineer of it.)

Or we might have already gotten to Mars and Titan. Or had a nuclear jihad.

We'd probably all be under the thumb of Islam, which was the primary repository of science and technology in those times. In the West, anyway.


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