How do you all handle creationists?  The people that believe God put humans on earth only  10,000 years ago.   I don't understand HOW they can dismiss all evidence contrary to that and what to say to show them they are idiots.

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I ignore them.  They are not teachable.  If they believe something that really most educated people have not really believed since the 1700's then they are like people who believe in a Flat Earth or in aliens living in the center of the earth. 


They want to keep their delusions and talking to them is like having a dialogue with your gerbil.  So I just think 'gerbil' and walk away.


I really don't have any of these people in my life anymore so I don't have to confront this hardly at all.   Why keep poisonous toxic people in your life even if they are relatives?  Life is too short and the only one we have so we might as well be with people we can talk to.

There are lots of those people living in the area around here.  I just don't allow them into my life. 

I have seen my father-in-law once in 5 years.   It was this summer, when I told all my inlaws on my father-in-law's side (hubby's parents are divorced) that I was an atheist and a socialist.  I may not have to speak to any of them ever again. 

I am amazed they can think about evolution, and concede that its a fact, if you dont use the word LOL.  At the end of that conversation, I would have said, "And THAT is evolution!" (with triumphant music playing in my mind) lol
Most of my face to face experiences with creationists have been surprisingly civil. I don't try to convert them - it would be impossible imo. They're simply not rational, so it's a lost battle no matter what.

They are hopeless.  Give it up.  Any piece of evidence you give to them - they will immediately believe you are just full of it - that science is a conspiracy - that the evidence is God testing them ...


That is why they call it a delusion.  

Not all theists are creationists ...
That wasn't implied... or at least not how I interpreted it.  If it was hopeless, all [everyone] would be theists.

I'm confused.  It seems to me that implying either way - That either Creationism or Theism is the default state ... and nobody would change that default position unless it wasn't hopeless.  


I suppose you 'could' change a Creationists 'belief' ... but I'm not sure teaching them about Evolution would be the best means.  I think anyone who is a Creationist needs to first care whether or not what they believe is TRUE.  A lot of it has to do with a lack of education.  


Even creationism though doesn't really bother me - That idea is not very harmful IMO. It's the brainwashing that is harmful ... takes a low of brainwashing to get to the point of being a Y.E.C. 

I wouldn't say that theism (any religion) is the default state for people.  I think religion has such an impact on so many people in every corner of the earth, that it is more of a learned default.  You cannot go ANYWHERE without hearing or seeing something religious in nature.  It is on our money, on our government buildings, in our Nation Anthem, etc etc.  It is possible to question things, but you have to be motivated to do it.  And so far, only about 14% of Americans have been able to rise above the religious nonsense we are more or less forced in to at a young age. 


I do agree with you on the point that creationists need to first care about the truth, however I don't think it is a matter of education.  At least not for some.  There are otherwise intelligent people out there who somehow believe YEC myths.  I don't understand it.  And that part bothers me.  I can understand people believing in a god or two or a few thousand, but I cannot wrap my mind around people believing the earth is no older than 10,000 years in spite of all the evidence.



Evidence?  What evidence?  Were you THERE!?  Did you see it happen with your own eyes?  


That's what I thought.  Science can only make a guess - And we all know how much Science changes it's opinions all the time ... 


I don't care what anyone in a white lab coat says.  I have my faith - and that's enough for me. 



Were you listening in on a convo I had with my mother? Because I might just have to charge you with plagiarism! lol

"If it was hopeless, all would be theists. Since there are obviously atheists, then nothing is impossible."


No Neal, that's not correct.  You could try to teach the ToE to a dog, but I guarantee you'll fail because a dog isn't intelligent enough to comprehend it.  There are varying degrees of intelligence among humans, and while most of us are vastly more intelligent than dogs, some of us are simply not smart enough to understand the ToE.



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