How do you feel about the fund raising currently going on?

I was a little shocked by the email I got explaining that TA pays $80/month. is a well-regarded hosting service that would charge $10.36 a month for unlimited bandwidth with a yearly commitment.

"$12 per domain per year renewal x 5 domains= $60 (USD)" Just curious: what are the other four domains?

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We are on a hosted platform that enables all our features, content support, and supports a large member base with integration, backup 24/7 support and bandwidth. It's not a simple server hosting. We have over 18k members and thousands of articles, forum posts, blogs, pictures, videos, mp3's, it also has great backup protection.

The domains are,,, and

I see. That does make sense, I suppose, though I don't know what Hostgator charges extra for all the features you need. I run several membership sites using CCBill to manage membership, but of course that's because I am charging for memberships. I run nothing server side. Hostgator's support (via live chat no less) is 24/7 and is first-class. Might be worth a price comparison anyway if you haven't done one.

Its impressive running a site like this for less than 2000. It's a looooot of work keeping it as well organized as it is on a very low budget.

I have often wondered how they have managed to run TA for so long without fundraising before now. I think the charges are very reasonable giving the scope of the site and what it offers. If 10% of the membership gave $1 then the costs are covered.


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