I've just been thinking about abortion and how it's usually the religious side who say that is wrong and they will never have one (with exceptions) but I have never heard us atheists say whether we would or would not have one.I want to hear about how ye feel about it.I will never have an abortion,I don't have anything against people who have abortions but I would not be able to go through with it or even think about doing it.

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I feel very strongly about the right to abortion. I not only have nothing against people who choose abortion (as the author of this thread feels), but also completely support them. It would be a tough decision, no doubt, as it will affect the woman's physical and emotional states. It especially is difficult when that woman (or man that has gotten her pregnant) is religious, as religion puts a huge stigma on abortion. And for the record, no, I do not think that abortion is killing a baby, I think that it is eliminating some cells that have bunched together. I think that even if you personally (and by "you", I am speaking to anyone opposed to abortion) do not believe in abortion for yourself, it promotes personal liberty to allow it for others.
-Ann Marie
I feel like abortion is a personal decision. If I were a woman, I think I'd be against abortion for myself personally, but still pro-choice. I wish all anti-abortion people could feel that way. If you don't like abortion, then don't get one. The right to choose is also the right to choose NOT to do it. It's NOT the right to tell other people what to do.
I have to say that I am against abortion. Once a fetus is involved, except for a few exceptions such as health of the mother being an issue and malformed fetus, I find abortion to be akin to murder. I'm all for the rights of the mother and would consider myself pro choice - until the fetus is involved. As far as I am concerned, when you are having an abortion, it is a bit late to be thinking of birth control - one should not punish the fetus for your mistakes. I feel this way based on moral, not religious principles, being an atheist. It is certainly not an easy issue and while I agree with the religious anti-abortionists, I am often embarrassed by their behavior, at least when it becomes extreme. I also don't find their motives to be the same as mine. I find life to be precious and terminating it once it exists is particularly disgusting, IMO. My wife and I have 2 kids (grown and out of the house now), one natural and one adopted. We also had trouble conceiving over the years and had several miscarriages, so the idea of abortion, considering the awful experience of those miscarriages seems particularly distasteful.
Abortion creeps me out. However since becoming an atheist, I've realized it's a complicated topic.
I'm pro-abortion in the sense of the right to access. I'm against abortion after we're talking about a viable life (5.5 to 6 months). It's a gray line, but it's the best that I can draw. The difficulty lies in the right (United States) to privacy with your doctor. I really don't want a Government Official in on my Prostrate Exam. Technically there isn't a right to an abortion, just the right to privacy with you doctor. That for me is universal for the developed human over the unconscious every day of the week.
Well my goodness. Such an interesting discussion from what I've read so far. Myself, I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of abortion for a couple of reasons: First, as an atheist and holding the belief that we only have one shot at life, I am uncomfortable with the idea of terminating a pregnancy for my own convenience. How could I live with myself knowing I have deliberately denied someone their chance?

The second reason for my discomfort with abortion is based on my strong sense of personal responsibility....... I have a hard time being sympathetic towards people who had bad luck or bad timing or poor judgement or whatever. When you have sex with someone, you should understand that pregnancy is a logical outcome if you have not protected yourself.

And before folks get all bent out of shape.......... I am PRO-CHOICE!!!

I don't want some dude (usually some religious dude!!) sitting in his office somewhere making choices for people who in many cases have no choice. It is usually men who make these laws and they will NEVER have to make this decision (to deliver or to abort) in their lives. Furthermore, if a woman decides to keep an unwanted baby, the man can ALWAYS walk away. The woman, with few exceptions, cannot.

But you are absolutely correct! I have never seen an "Atheists for Life" group demonstrating or whatever, which I think is a little bit strange. I don't think that just being an atheist necessarily means you must be pro-choice. I think there must be some closeted "pro-life" atheist folk out there.

I mean, if the Holy Rollers out there really believed in an afterlife, wouldn't they be a little more relaxed about things? Wouldn't the aborted fetuses just go straight to heaven?
I'm pro-choice. If you don't have the means to support a child, you shouldn't have one (and use protection next time). As for the usual religious 'It's a living thing, you can't kill a living thing' argument, well, genital warts and bladder cancer are living things too, so that's a moot point.


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