How do you define religious intolerance? Any real world examples or how it has impacted you personally?

I'm a Christian writing a Bible Study for Christians, and am looking for how you define Christian religious intolerance. I'd like to share specific examples of how we act intolerant to help Christians clearly see the negative impact is causes to those around us. Thanks for anything you can share on is topic.

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Society is slowly waking up to the nonsense of religion unfortuantely it wont be phased out completely while im walking the Earth. 

If you are an intelligent student and you research atheists reasons to non faith effectively enough, you too will have a reverse epiphany, an awakening as such. I hope you do for your sake because if you do you will be able to enjoy life much more instead of worrying over irrelevant bull shit each and every day.

I am Australian and it is no big deal to be an Atheist here. Our Prime Minister is an Atheist AND Female.

I just happen to be born here, bad luck if one is born into a relgious society/country.

@ Brad just has to look at the 13/17 year olds, trying to come out in their community/family. There you will see xian family love at it's best.

There have been young'uns 'Friended' me, then apologized because they had to remove that friend status, 'cause they didn't want it known - to their family - that they were Atheist, they would be disowned.

The following is a comment from another Atheist website of what can happen in the 'Land of Free Speech'.

Well I don’t know about you lot but you’ll have to count me out of face-to-face confrontations where I live.

These thick-headed fools around here have the power to make my life hell or to simply do away with me entirely.
One word in the right ear can lead to your body never being found and local law enforcement shrugging and walking away from the whole thing.

These are vicious batshit crazy people and I wouldn’t trust them with a piece of roadkill much less my personal freedoms or my life!

Well, I may live in the USA and have rights on paper, but in the real world I have their smelly boot on my neck and the certain prospect that this will continue for decades.

Besides, just what the fuck do you think these people are going to do when you stand up and say shit they look upon as blasphemous, heretical, or profane? Give you a back rub?

Are you fucking daft? Yes. Are you being realistic? No.
Did you think things through? It appears you don’t have a fucking clue how to do that.

Yes, you are dreaming. No, this is not a “cunning plan”.

The judaism/islamic/xian's all subjugate women, Jehovah Witnsess don't want any of their sheep getting an education - Exclusive Brethren won't tolerate TV. Computer or any divise where one may gain knowledge. The problem isn't with just one religon, they are all the same - Religions per se are about power and money and need people like you to prop up the hierarchy. All religions to me are cults and fearful, which is why they are getting even more vicious and hateful.


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