How do you define religious intolerance? Any real world examples or how it has impacted you personally?

I'm a Christian writing a Bible Study for Christians, and am looking for how you define Christian religious intolerance. I'd like to share specific examples of how we act intolerant to help Christians clearly see the negative impact is causes to those around us. Thanks for anything you can share on is topic.

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Jakarta Post wrote about it, and regardless, I do think that it is not an important issue at all what insults where uttered. The fact of the matter is that the guy was prosecuted for not having a belief in God.

As if the sense of hurt that religious people have is an actual offense.

He was not prosecuted for not having belief in God, he was prosecuted for insulting which is regulated under a law;

1. Your uncle is gay. 

2. Your uncle is gay, he had sex with the guy next door.

see the difference ? insult is not a fact, fact tho insulting it may be, is still a fact.

And that post @Jakarta Post is not telling the whole story. have screenshots of his remarks, if you're capable of translating it..some of his remarks are using regional language which i do not understand, some are pretty straightforward Indonesian.

And let me translate you some of the remarks (taken from

"Its common, most muslims are dumb like a dog, including Fransisca which is a nasrani name"

"And in the country where the muslim is the majority religion means the country where a a girl can be f*cked by the husband when she's 9 years old fit the example set by muhammed pig which called "teenage rebirth" is clear to be exist tho not often, if ever matters."

taken and translated as it is...tho his language is badly mixed and quite hard to understand since he's using his own regional-indonesian language,

Regardless, a person is convicted because a religion needs to be protected against insults? Seriously, a guy goes to prison because he is angry and hostile towards religion? Did he slander a person, no?

Blasphemy is a victim-less crime, the whole idea that insults against religion are worthy of a legal retribution is just ridiculous. My opinions are not protected by any law, and neither should the opinions of another person. I don't care how insulting something is to another person, grow some skin for f*ck sakes.

If his opinions are insulting, than I would like to argue that the opinions of people that believe that women are subservient to men are insulting to me, so therefor they need to go to prison for 2,5 years as well. (See where this is going to lead us?)

So.....regardless what the law said, someone shouldn't be prosecuted for breaking the law ?

When a law is stupid, it is stupid.

Just because something is a law, doesn't make it sensible, does it?

Would you think that a law that would sentence all women to death to be sensible? Would you argue that "since it is law, it has to be done?"

I've asked this before, but can't seem to get an answer - why do humans have to punish other humans for religious "crimes"? Isn't their god capable of doing his own dirty work? I mean, what's a little lightning bolt for the serious stuff, and for working on the Sabbath, how about a little plague, or a few frogs or locusts?

And for the really REALLY big stuff, liking stewing lamb in its mother's milk, he could go all Sodom and Gomorrah on their ass!

Is he on vacation in Boca, or what?

For God's a jolly good fellllow, for God's a jolly good felllllow....

Gandhi said it this way: "An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so."

Your argument are based on hatred towards a particular religion, take a rest and think more on it.

this law is approved by the government to handle sparks that currently existed among the public.

This country is not your beloved full of justice country, why dont you come and live here a bit, then perhaps you'll understand.

Oh and i'll remind you that this is not a religious based country and stoning is not permitted.

*(This post will contain some generalizations, please don't jump on my back about them)

I live in Seattle where I don't personally experience intolerance, but of course I am aware of the situation for people in other parts of the country.  As it has been less publicly acceptable to discriminate against/openly disparage certain groups (women, LGBT, African Am., Latinos, Mormons, etc)* the Right has a smaller pool of targets. Off the top of my head I would list Arabs/Muslims, 'Illegal Aliens', and Atheists*. Things will probably improve for those first two more quickly than the later. I find it funny/sad that politicians/organizations will talk about improvements in diversity but fail to mention the Atheists.
I think the current attempts by Atheists to be more assertive has some historical parallels with similar experiences with other oppressed groups, most notably the civil rights and gay rights movements.  As those groups became more assertive the level of hostility directed towards them by certain segments grew.*  The same thing may be starting to happen with Atheists.  The question is what will be our Stonewall, our Selma?
There is also much institutionalized intolerance against Atheists that many people may not even recognize or acknowledge.  And when it's pointed out that Atheists are often characterized as complainers.  These would be things like the Pledge of Allegiance, public money to religious institutions, prayer in school, religious symbols in public settings, tax exempt status of churches and the special rights that churches demand with things such as health insurance coverage for contraception, adoption rights.  There are even some places where it is illegal for an Atheist to hold public office.  All of these things show how our public institutions view my beliefs as not being given the same respect as those of the Theist. If any of us bring up these things we are the ones accused of intolerance or mocked as being petty whiners. 

Hi Brad – You might like to look at it from a different angle. It is interesting to have a Christian ask Atheists what we see as intolerance. I am sure you have heard other Christians ask “Why are Atheists so angry at god?” Well we are not because we don’t believe there are any, including your one. But we are angry at the religious bigots of all faiths who use their faith to do evil. We are angry at the apologetics of all faiths who say it is not their faith that is to blame. Will you listen to all of this and take notes? Anger is an Energy.

Anti gay and anti atheist mostly. I, and most over atheists don'y give a damn if we're told we're going to hell, what does annoy me is complete ignorance about atheists, some people seriously think atheists are in a cult where they butcher babies and so on.


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