Whether you believe or don't believe there is evidence for a god, how would you define "a god" or "god's"...

I'm not asking what religious texts say. Although you may use that if it's part of your definition. I'm asking YOUR opinion. Not someone else's definition. Even if you do not believe, you must have some framework from which you've decided you don't believe in X....I'm asking your definition of X.

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I see no need to define the infinite number of supernatural entities that humans can conjure up. If the physics or biology departments of major universities aren't pursuing specific phenomena or beings, then there isn't enough evidence for me to concern myself with it.

Sorry astrology, bigfoot, unicorns. Zeus and all other gods, ghosts, stigmata, etc, etc.

Hey! I kind of liked Zeus...
The one pronounced Zeeus or the one pronunced Zous?
Zay-ooss. I'm half Greek :)

Yo hey Phat Zeeee! What's ya gonna do after da EEEZEEE-JAM! We'z gonna take Dr. Zay-Zay to the Fesh-Zee place and have a super-menatural-convermasation and shit!

Count me in!
Hmmm, MY definition... an imginary being invented by humans in their own image, but given supernatural powers of... cheese, you name it! Omniscience, benevolence, wrath, mind reader and free will gifter, eternal, ad infinitum, or at least add personal opinion to the mix, which usually includes whatever qualities you personally would like.

Scientologists define God in degrees that depend on what phase of "training" one is in, from first accepting of any version of God you like to replacing your personal version with an L Ron Hubbard version. (He mused or claimed, after all, to have been Buddha in a past life.) There is a fascinating interview of one Scientologist who was encouraged to believe that he was the father of Jesus Christ, in a past life.

Definition: whatever's most popular in each culture and historical epoch, or whatever is taught or dictated by the most powerful, purported "authority". Then add to that a variation of opinion/experince per person, depending how brave one is to deviate from the norm.

(Always male, these days.)

God is a concept I don't believe in, so, other than being a supernatural entity, I have no preconceived notions.

I define god as an amorphous construct given shape by the text, culture and indoctrination of the duped and a crutch for the ignorant and stupid.

Probably not offensive enough. 

Finding it difficult to stay in character,  Bob? 

And i won't take it as an accident that you have selected J. Melton as your handle.  An incidence of beatific coincidence?

[Link removed by Pope Beanie]

Nor will i take at as an accident that you are dying to be the didactic, apologetic and condescending professor.

I don't suppose vastly different ip addresses and locations would make a difference to you, Jake. Please desist from personal attacks and focus on the subject of the post.

As an aside, TA can cope with split personalities as they arise, providing each personality behaves themselves :)


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