How do you deal with being inundated with religious suggestions, comments and dialogue on a daily basis?

I feel like since I finally identified myself as an atheist, I've seen countless facebook statuses/comments, forum posts, instagram pics etc full of religious passages or suggestions to "Praise Jesus/Allah" or have "God" in your life. I can't even read a self-help article without some reference to a bible scripture or assertion to have a relationship with "God".  

So, my fellow rational people, what keeps you sane? 

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Humor is the best part about being an atheist. It's like living your entire life in a stand-up comedy club. The difference is that the theist is the comedian and he has no idea he's telling jokes.

Best. Thing. EVAR.

And christmas becomes the funniest time of year...Special holiday music channels appear on my TV, decorating cookies becomes so very important, the maddening shopping crush begins, I feel like a living ATM. Santa knows what I am thinking. HoHoHo.

Yeah, so when do we get to start throwing the lead-filled tomatoes?

Humor really makes the world go round.

I'd like to add to the quotes.
Here is one from my brother in law, regarding the Sandy Hook shooting.
"We don't need less guns in the hands of criminals, we need more god in our schools!"

Ask your brother-in-law how much more gawd would be required to stop that speeding bullet? Morning prayer, scripture recital at recess, prayer at lunch, hymns at study hall?

The gawd would need to be at least as thick as ballistic jelly.... no idea how the kids are supposed to breathe though...

Ballistic jelly is of course used to show how well a hollowpoint bullet opens--and how far it travels--when it hits flesh.  In other words it's supposed to be about the same as flesh as far as its physical properties go.  So one would hope gawd is instead made of Kevlar.

The gawds I have seen portrayed to date seem to be made mostly of air, hot air at that.

That rather manifestly doesn't stop bullets before gravity takes care of them.  So, scant protection there!


I've had many conversations with him, all to no avail. He is 40+ years old, and deeply rooted into his church and the community. The description I often use of him for people who do not know him is a Mexican Ned Flanders.

I get to take a walk with my puppies. Putter in my shop and listen to NPR. Find a hard problem to work on that can drive all the crazy back. Purposely not listen to the religious TV channels! Write funny responses to TA. Its not all the hard actually....


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